Home One of the largest technology companies in the world, Google, opens vacancies in a wide variety of free online courses (EAD) with certificates. Take advantage of this unmissable opportunity

One of the largest technology companies in the world, Google, opens vacancies in a wide variety of free online courses (EAD) with certificates. Take advantage of this unmissable opportunity

10 June 2024 to 19: 10
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Discover the world of knowledge with Google's free courses: an unmissable opportunity for professional training, without spending a single dollar!

Discover free Google courses: an unmissable opportunity for professional training, without spending a dollar!

Renowned technology giant Google is revolutionizing online education by offering 17 free courses through its platform. This initiative aims to train professionals in the crucial areas of entrepreneurship, marketing and technology. Don't waste time, sign up and transform your professional trajectory.

Take advantage of this valuable chance to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. The free technology courses offered by Google are more than just an educational opportunity; are a means to turbocharge your CV and boost your career. By acquiring skills that are in high demand, you position yourself as a professional prepared for the challenges of the future.

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Quality guaranteed by Google: Study at your own pace with the 17 free online courses (EAD) for your success, offered by Google.

 Created internally by Google's specialized team, these free courses offer not only knowledge, but quality and relevance. The company's reputation, combined with the free courses, provides a unique opportunity for a high-level education at no cost. By investing in their self-development, participants can stand out in the job market, driven by skills acquired directly from the source. Secure your spot!

Free online courses (EAD) cover an impressive range of topics, from the fundamentals of digital marketing to understanding the basics of machine learning. This diversity allows participants to choose those that best align with their interests and professional goals. With different lengths, from a quick one hour to an in-depth 40 hours, Google ensures there's something for everyone, no matter your schedule.

Flexibility is key to the accessibility of these free online technology courses from Google. The platform allows interested parties to study at their own pace, adapting schedules according to their needs. This approach empowers participants to integrate learning into their busy schedules, making the pursuit of knowledge more convenient than ever.

Check out the available courses with their corresponding links below.:

1 – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: The free course offers a complete journey through digital marketing, teaching how to build a company's online presence, develop campaigns and advertisements, among other topics, in 40 hours of content, organized into 24 modules.

2 - Understand the first steps of coding: The Google course covers the basic concepts of programming. You will learn why there are so many programming languages ​​and how they are combined to accomplish specific tasks. 1 hour workload.

3 - Entrepreneurship to be found by customers: Ideal for those who want to understand the basics of how search engines, organic and paid search, in addition to Google Search Console, work. 3 hour workload.

4 - Generate content to promote your company: Lasting 3 hours, the course teaches you how to gain visibility on social media through content marketing.

5 - Mastering the art of public speaking: Learn the art of public speaking with this 1-hour course, which covers essential body language techniques and provides tips for delivering impactful professional presentations.

6 - Networking: Building Successful Connections: Discover the fundamentals of effective networking, including interpersonal skills and strategies for overcoming challenges, in a 1-hour course designed to expand your network.

7 - Convey your ideas with text and images How to Engage Your Audience: In just 1 hour, learn how to capture your audience's attention using storyboards, mind maps, images and engaging narratives, improving your communication skills.

8 - Understand the basics of machine learning: Explore the foundations of machine learning and how to apply these technologies in the real world to boost your business, in a compact 1-hour course.

9 - Build trust with self-promotion: The Key to Building Confidence: Develop confidence by openly promoting your achievements and skills, with self-promotion techniques covered in the 1-hour course.

10 - Undertake and understand web behavior: Learn to understand user behavior on the web and statistically analyze your website to optimize your online strategy, all in 1 hour.

11 - Start your business in other countries: This 1-hour course offers a guide on how to expand your business to international markets, leveraging the potential of digital marketing to reach a global audience.

12 - Mobile-focused entrepreneurship: Strategies for Mobile Devices: In 1 hour, discover how to create effective advertising campaigns for mobile devices, segmenting ads and using social networks to expand your business opportunities.

13 - Entrepreneurship in your online business: This 3-hour course teaches you how to define brand objectives and establish a solid online presence, preparing your company for success in the digital world.

14 - Cloud Onboard Online: Mastering the Cloud: Dive deeper into topics like GCP infrastructure, Big Data, Machine Learning, and application development with this intensive 8-hour course.

15 - Online Security for companies: Understand the principles of online security and how to apply them to protect employees, businesses, users, and customers in an essential 1-hour course.

16 -  Introduction to corporate communication: Business writing is any written communication such as emails, memos, presentations or reports used in professional environments. 1 hour course load.

17 - Entrepreneur increase your productivity at work : How to manage your time efficiently, How to prioritize and delegate tasks, Work collaboratively in the cloud. Hours 1 hour

Boosting your CV and boosting your career

Now, how to take the first step on this educational journey? To open the doors to professional transformation, registration for these free courses is hassle-free. Just click on the desired course above. This is an opportunity open to everyone, regardless of level of experience or academic background. Immerse yourself in this universe of knowledge and position yourself for success! Don't wait any longer.

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