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Understanding GDP: Industry from A to Z

Written by Paulo S. Nogueira
Published 30/12/2023 às 11:11
Gross Domestic Product
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New episode of Industry from A to Z: GDP, economic activity, sustainable growth, access to health and education.

GDP is an acronym that is present in discussions about the economy. But do you know what it means? Gross Domestic Product is one of the main indicators used to measure a country's economic activity. It represents the sum of all final goods and services produced in a given period of time in an economy.

In Brazil, the calculation of Gross Domestic Product is carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). This number provides important information about the growth – or slowdown – of economic activity, helping to understand the pace of production, the demand for jobs and comparisons with other countries. O TAX ID No It is an essential tool for assessing the health of the economy and making strategic decisions.

Impact of sustainable growth on society

When an economy grows sustainably, the tendency is for the gains to be shared across society. There are more jobs, more consumption, new businesses emerging, more innovation. All of this has an impact on people's lives, including expectations and quality of life of the population, such as expanding access to health and education. This directly reflects on the demand for jobs and improving the population’s quality of life.

Explanatory video Industry Portal

What will you find?

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:30 What is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
  • 01:40 What is GDP for?
  • 02:07 History of Gross Domestic Product
  • 03:24 Economic growth and its relationship with GDP
  • 04:02 How is GDP calculated?
  • 06:29 Gross Domestic Product per capita and its importance in economic analysis
  • 07:05 Gini index and its relationship with GDP
  • 07:49 green GDP and its benefits for the environment

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