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Use of CNG Ensures Economy and Sustainability for Drivers

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Published 14/06/2024 às 21:41
Use of CNG continues to exceed 40% savings for drivers
Photo: https://planetacaminhao.com.br/noticias/ver/2947/uso-do-gnv-supera-os-40-de-economia-para-motoristas-inclusive-de-pesados

Vehicle natural gas provides more than 40% savings and reduces environmental impact

The recent increase in the prices of traditional fuels – gasoline, diesel and ethanol – and the reduction in the tariff for vehicular natural gas (CNG) from June 10th, determined by ARSESP (Public Services Regulatory Agency of the State of São Paulo), consolidate CNG as the most advantageous choice for drivers. Comgás, the largest distributor of piped natural gas in Latin America, highlights that the savings in light vehicles can surpass 40% compared to the use of other fuels, depending on the region. Furthermore, CNG generates lower pollutant emissions compared to gasoline and diesel.

Thiago Borer, CNG Sales Manager at Comgás, states: “For passenger vehicles and heavy fleets, CNG is the most assertive choice for those who want to save money and cause less environmental impact. Our society demands less polluting energy sources that are easy to install and maintain, such as CNG, currently available at more than 240 stations supplied by Comgás in São Paulo.”

Advantages of CNG in Passenger Vehicles

The expert also highlights the low risk of CNG shortages, since distribution is done via underground pipes, unlike other fossil fuels, which are mostly imported and distributed by trucks. Installing the CNG kit in any vehicle takes between 8 and 12 hours.

In passenger vehicles, CNG achieves double the yield of ethanol, according to information from Comgás. For example, cars running on CNG run an average of 14 kilometers per cubic meter, while vehicles running on ethanol run 7 kilometers per liter and gasoline vehicles run 10 kilometers per liter, on average.

“With the use of CNG, owners of passenger vehicles that travel 5 kilometers per month can save around a thousand reais in that period, depending on the region. This is a saving of, on average, 200 reais less for every 1.000 km driven”, highlights Thiago Borer.

Economics for Heavy Fleets

In the direct comparison between the yields of CNG and diesel, considering average prices, the savings of CNG surpass 15% per kilometer driven. In recent years, Comgás has encouraged the creation of supply garages in transport companies and industries, further reducing costs. In practice, logistics companies that install their own fueling station can obtain between 30% and 40% savings compared to the costs of diesel sold at conventional stations.

In addition to the economic benefits, CNG offers significant environmental advantages. In addition to the possibility of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20%, it can reduce the generation of local pollutants and particulate matter by up to 90%. “With the use of natural gas for vehicles, the 'black smoke' expelled by conventional truck engines is practically eliminated, reducing a series of respiratory diseases. Furthermore, CNG generates less noise and vibration, providing a smoother drive”, concludes Thiago Borer.

About Comgás

Comgás has more than 21 thousand kilometers of piped natural gas distribution network in 95 municipalities, supplying the industrial, commercial, residential and automotive segments. The company also facilitates cogeneration projects and provides gas for thermogeneration plants. Serving more than 2,5 million customers in the State of São Paulo, Comgás' concession area covers the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, the Administrative Region of Campinas, Baixada Santista and Vale do Paraíba.


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