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Vacancies at Embraer: 200 remote, in-person and no-experience vacancies available in new selection process

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 17/04/2024 às 21:00
Vacancies at Embraer: 200 remote, in-person and no-experience vacancies available in new selection process
Photo: Embraer/Disclosure

Embraer has hundreds of internship vacancies open in a new selection process. The company has vacancies without experience for higher and technical students.

Embraer announced this Tuesday (16), the opening of registrations for a new selection process that aims to fill 200 internship vacancies. The company, which operates in the aerospace sector, is headquartered in São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo. There are vacancies without experience in the Corporate, Engineering and Operations sector, Technical and Tech – IT internships. Most of the opportunities are remote and in-person vacancies, where participants will work in a hybrid way.

Who can apply for Embraer internship positions?

O Embraer's no-experience vacancy program seeks candidates with high potential, bold and innovative people who are motivated to work in a constantly changing environment. The company's objective is to provide those approved in remote vacancies a global vision of the business and the aerospace industry, providing all the necessary support so that they can achieve maximum excellence and professional autonomy.

In line with the concepts of the Future of Work and innovation that is part of the company's DNA, Embraer seeks to offer the best flexibility and experience to candidates participating in internship vacancies, who can choose to develop activities in a face-to-face, hybrid or 100-hour model. % remote, upon registration, thus generating opportunities across the country.

Vacancies without experience are a unique opportunity to experience a global business vision, combining theoretical and practical aspects in developing your own and authentic projects that impact present and future air mobility. 

Embraer seeks candidates for its internship vacancies who are studying Higher Education (undergraduate) and technical education, with active enrollment in college and signing a contract with the company. It also seeks candidates with knowledge acquired in classes, projects and even other experiences that can add to the company's activities.

Applications for internship vacancies can be made until May 10th

As Registration for remote vacancies can be made until May 10th and can be done through the company's website at Gupy platform. The selection process will be carried out completely virtually, on an online platform. The first step is to register, followed by an English test. The third stage will be a panel with Managers (online) and then approval and, finally, hiring.

Vacancies without experience are for different areas of knowledge, such as administration, engineering and information technology. The internship is scheduled to begin in August this year.


Candidates approved for internship vacancies will receive a stipend, medical insurance, dental insurance, transportation vouchers, meal vouchers and paid recess, in addition to other benefits. Students who are not approved will form part of the company's talent pool for future opportunities, according to Embraer.

Meet Embraer

Embraer, a company founded in 1969, is one of the largest aerospace conglomerates in the world, manufacturing commercial, executive, military, agricultural aircraft, parts and software, in addition to offering services to customers. The company has several units in Brazil, and global operations in America, Asia, Africa and Europe, with factories, offices, training and distribution centers.

Embraer acts as one team to make its culture more inclusive and generate career opportunities for all people, in the most varied areas of knowledge.

Those who, like Embraer, are passionate about making a difference, are driven by great challenges and wish to contribute to the company's excellent results, should sign up and be part of the Embraer team.

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