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Offshore Vacancy to Work in Stavanger Norway

3 from 2018 to 07 at 52: XNUMX
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Offshore Vacancy to Work in Stavanger/ Norway

Offshore vacancy job opportunity in Stavanger, Norway for professional with experience and willingness to travel

Offshore vacancies are advancing more and more, not only in Brazil but in Europe as well. With globalization, opportunities for business travel and international contracts have grown to the point that large companies are interested in qualified professionals from other countries. Brazilians with experience and who master other languages ​​are prepared for vacancies like the one that we will be specifying below. Let's go to the information of the vacancy in question and that you can be chosen to start this journey.

Vacancy and Requirements:

  • Vacancy: Technical Supervisor in Occupational Safety
  • Language: fluent English
  • Education: Higher education in the field of oil and specialization
  • Experience: Minimum 10 years in the offshore oil industry
  • Availability to travel to Europe

How to apply:

To apply for the job, you must meet all the requirements outlined above by the company's human resources. Specify training, courses and certificates. It is extremely important that you include everyone on your resume to have a better chance of securing the job. A very important point and worth mentioning, HR analyzes the experience proven through CTPS. If interested, please send your CV to the following emails: putting “HSSEQ ADVISOR” in the subject.

Would you pass an interview in English at an Offshore Multinational? According to professionals from the main companies, many candidates lose the vacancy due to poor performance in the English test. To read this very interesting article, just click on the link. There you will find important tips that will help you start your language studies.

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