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VW Polo Track or Citroën C3? Which one is the best? The battle of giants with unique origins and conceptions! See the full comparison

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 21/06/2024 às 00:01
VW Polo Track or Citroën C3? Which one is the best? (Image: reproduction)
VW Polo Track or Citroën C3? Which one is the best? (Image: reproduction)

Citroën C3 Feel 1.0 and Volkswagen Polo Track are from the same category, have similar prices, but have different proposals and origins. See the comparison between the cars.

Citroën C3 Feel 1.0 or Volkswagen Polo Track? The vehicles, which have prices of R$83.990 and R$81.370, respectively, promise to win the next space in your garage. But which one really deserves this space?

Both vehicles, which were previously classified as “popular”, today have important differences. In this sense, it appears that every detail makes a difference, especially in a market where manufacturers' profit margins are quite tight.

The characteristics of each model

Volkswagen Polo Track

  • Motorization: 1.0;
  • Fuel: Flex;
  • Power (hp): 84 (Alcohol) and 77 (Gasoline);
  • Torque (kgfm): 10,3 (Alcohol) and 9,6 (Gasoline);
  • Exchange: 5-speed manual
  • Traction: Forward
  • Direction: Electrical
  • Dimensions: Height: 1471 mm; Width: 1751 mm; Length: 4074 mm; Wheelbase: 2566 mm;
  • Tank: 52 liters;
  • Trunk: 300 liters.

Citroen C3 Feel

  • Motorization: 1.0 Fuel: Flex;
  • Power (hp): 75 (Alcohol) and 71 (Gasoline);
  • Torque (kgfm): 10,7 (Alcohol) and 10 (Gasoline);
  • Exchange: 5-speed manual;
  • Traction: Forward;
  • Direction: Electric;
  • Dimensions: Length: 3980 mm; Height: 1600 mm; Width: 1730 mm; Wheelbase: 2540 mm;
  • Tank: 47 liters;
  • Trunk: 315 liters.

Who wins when it comes to design

C3 Feel stands out for its bold and youthful design. According to a report carried out by the UOL portal, the Citroën presents a more irreverent look, with vibrant colors and organic shapes that resemble a mini SUV. Its colorful and textured surfaces in the interior give it a more cheerful appearance.

Moreover, polo track maintains a more traditional and sober style. The bodywork follows the classic hatchback pattern, with less visual innovation. The textured hubcaps and black masks on the taillights are the main visual novelties, but the model does little daring compared to the C3.

And what about equipment?

In terms of equipment, the Citroen C3 Feel takes advantage. According to the analysis carried out by the aforementioned portal, the The C10's 3-inch multimedia center, together with the colorful surfaces, creates a more lively and interactive environment. The alloy wheels and the LED signature on the DRL add quality to the set.

The Polo Track It gains points for having 4 airbags and torque vectoring, increasing safety. However, it loses in other aspects. Its rear windows still use cranks and the mirrors have manual adjustments, while the C3 offers all power windows and power mirror adjustments.

Life on board and drivability

Inside, Citroen C3 Feel offers more space and better use.As found by the UOL portal, The connectivity and usability of the multimedia center are superior to those of the Polo, which does not even have this integrated technology. The C3's screen is intuitive and easy to use from the first moment.

Already Polo Track stands out in drivability. Its driving position is more ergonomic and precise, offering a more pleasant driving experience. However, the C3 is more comfortable, with softer seats and a suspension that better filters ground imperfections.

Cost-Benefit: who gets the best

When analyzing the cost-benefit, the price difference of just over R$2.500 favors the Citroen C3 Feel. That's because the C3 offers more equipment and comfort for the additional price, comparable to the superior version of the Polo.

In this sense, it appears that the Volkswagen Polo Track It could be a more rational option, but the lack of significant differences compared to the C3 makes this choice less attractive. Therefore, it can be seen that the Track version ends up in an unfavorable position, with no major attractions to justify its price.

Consumption and performance

Here we have a topic where the Volkswagen Polo Track stands out. With a 1.0 aspirated engine of 84 hp, it accelerates to 100 km/h in 13,5 seconds and has more efficient fuel consumption, achieving 14 km/l in the city and 15,4 km/l on the highway with gasoline.

Already Citroen C3 Feel It has lower performance, with a 1.0 hp 75 naturally aspirated engine, accelerating to 100 km/h in 14,1 seconds. Its fuel consumption is 12,9 km/l in the city and 14,1 km/l on the highway with gasoline.

In the end, whoever wins the dispute: Volkswagen Polo Track or Citroën C3 Feel?

Analyzing the questions presented, we note that the Volkswagen Polo Track wins when it comes to consumption and performance, but this seems to be enough to override the advantages of the Citroen C3 Feel.

That's because the Citroën C3 offers more comfort, connectivity and internal space, as well as a more attractive design. Because of this, the French model is the winner of this comparison, justifying the extra investment with its superior characteristics in almost all aspects.

So, reader! Do you agree with the result? If you choose one of these models, which one would you have in your garage? Leave your answers in the comments! To the next!

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