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With the price of a Toyota Corolla Cross and an aspirated engine, BYD's new SUV, SONG PRO arrives in Brazil with 235 hp and two versions

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 28/05/2024 às 09:36
Photo: reproduction adapted from Google Images

Launch of the BYD SUV, the BYD Song, scheduled for June in Brazil, promising a range of up to 100 km in electric mode

BYD is shaking up the Brazilian market with its dynamic launch schedule for 2024. After the arrival of the Dolphin Mini and the postponement of the five-seater subcompact, BYD brand prepares for launch Song Pro, its second hybrid car in Brazil. Expected to arrive between June and July, the medium SUV will be offered in two versions, with prices in the range of R$ 200 thousand, competing directly with models such as the hybrid Toyota Corolla Cross and the future Tiggo 7 PHEV, according to the Autoesporte website.

Despite the proximity to launch, BYD is still keeping the Song Pro camouflaged, keeping the suspense over its final design. However, recent sightings indicate that the vehicle is in an advanced testing phase, as was the case with a specimen seen on the streets of Uberlândia (MG).

Same price range, but different from the Toyota Corolla Cross: discover Song Plus and Song Pro

The Song Pro is, in fact, an earlier version of the SUV launched in China in 2019 and which has undergone two facelifts. This version will arrive in Brazil with a lower price, around 10% to 15% cheaper than Song Plus. In addition to price, the differences between the two models include size, with the Song Pro offering a length of 4,74 meters, a wheelbase of 2,65 m and a width of 1,86 m, slightly smaller than Song Plus.

However, the Song Pro's mechanical set will be the same as the Song Plus, with a 1.5 hp 110 naturally aspirated engine that acts mainly as a generator, connected to a 194 hp electric motor. Combined, they deliver 235 hp of power and 40,8 kgfm of torque.

Two Versions with Different Battery Sizes

BYD Song Pro will be offered in two versions, differentiated by battery size. The entry-level version will have an 8,3 kWh battery, guaranteeing a range of 50 km according to Chinese standards. Already avmore expensive version will have a bigger battery, of 18,3 kWh, providing an electric range of almost 100 km.

In terms of equipment, the two versions of the BYD Song SUV will be equivalent, including digital air conditioning, multimedia center with rotating screen, digital instrument panel, leather seats and driving assistance package.

Photo: Autoesporte

Design and finishing

The design of the BYD Song Pro SUV maintains the brand's visual identity, but with some differences compared to the Song Plus. The front grille is not hexagon shaped, the headlights are less cut out and the taillights are narrower. The BYD Song's trunk lid also has a different design, with a straight base instead of a cutout for the license plate niche.

Photo: Mobiauto

With a competitive price, advanced hybrid technology and modern design, the BYD Song Pro promises to be a interesting option in the electric SUV market in Brazil. Its imminent launch will certainly be eagerly awaited by consumers looking for a sustainable and efficient option.

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