Home With a starting price starting at R$ 85.000,00, Chevrolet Ônix with a 1.0 turbo engine soars in sales and could compromise Hyundai's hatch leadership

With a starting price starting at R$ 85.000,00, Chevrolet Ônix with a 1.0 turbo engine soars in sales and could compromise Hyundai's hatch leadership

27 May 2024 to 21: 14
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Photo: Reproduction Quatro Rodas

Discover everything about the Chevrolet Onix: safety, economy, versions, and whether it is worth buying new or used and how it can threaten the HB20

Launched in 2012 as a 2013 model, the Chevrolet Onix quickly established itself as a one of the best-selling cars in Brazil. Produced at the Gravataí plant, in Rio Grande do Sul, the Chevrolet Onix brought with it a significant change in the GM line, replacing models such as the Celta and Corsa with a more refined and modern proposal.

Versions and prices of the Chevrolet Onix

Since its launch, Onix has undergone several evolutions. The current generation, launched in 2019, uses the GEM (Global Emerging Markets) platform, developed for global markets and focused on security. The Onix 2020 received five stars in the Latin NCAP tests at the time, thanks to a resistant structure and six standard airbags. However, with changes in safety protocols, this classification could be different today.

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Currently, the Chevrolet Onix is available in several versions with Prices vary between R$85.000 for the entry-level version and R$113.000 for the Premier version. There are options with aspirated and turbo engines, as well as manual and automatic transmissions.

Cutting-edge equipment and technology in the HB20 rival

The Chevrolet Ônix Premier, the most complete version, includes a series of equipment that reinforces its comfort and technology:

  • Six airbags as standard
  • Traction and stability control
  • 8-inch multimedia center with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Induction charger
  • Blind spot sensor (only available in Premier version)
  • Automatic parking system

On the other hand, some criticisms arise regarding the absence of items such as LED headlights and the quality of the sound system, which does not offer a good definition of bass and treble.

Photo: Webmotors reproduction

Performance and consumption

Onyx is available with 1.0 aspirated and 1.0 turbo engines, both with three cylinders. The turbo engine, despite having faced some initial problems such as fires and chain tensioner failures, proved to be efficient and suitable for the car's purpose.

In terms of consumption, Onix stands out positively. In a 123 km trip until Gramado, the turbo model achieved a average of 15,4 km/l on gasoline, an excellent number for its category.

Comfort and internal space

Internally, the Onix offers a good level of comfort for four adults, although rear space can be limited to three adults. The Premier version has quality finishes, with leather details at the most used points of contact. However, there are criticisms regarding the length of the seat cushion, which can be uncomfortable on long journeys.

The Ônix comes equipped with essential safety items, such as traction and stability control and six airbags. However, it does not have automatic emergency braking, a point where its competitors, such as the Hyundai HB20 and Honda City, stand out.

Onix maintenance requires special attention, especially in relation to engine oil. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid problems with the timing belt, which can cause serious damage to the engine if not properly cared for.

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