Home Are you Good and Fast at what you do? Can you be both things at the same time?

Are you Good and Fast at what you do? Can you be both things at the same time?

7 from 2018 to 02 at 05: XNUMX
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Good, fast and cheap service
Good, fast and cheap service

Good, Fast and Cheap Service. Do you really believe that this combination can work? Careful! Get out as soon as possible.

You have already received a service proposal good, fast and cheap? Get out! Combining these three words usually doesn't work out very well. Have you ever heard something like:If the service is good and cheap, it won't be fast; if it's good and fast, it won't be cheap; and if it's quick and cheap, it won't be good.”. Hiring people who don't master what they do, but who only have some idea of ​​what you need, can bring you a big headache. Believe me: Taking care of services that require professionalism will bring you great harm.

You know that saying that goes: “the cheap can be expensive”? That's right, hiring someone, or some service, just for the price can cost you twice as much or much more. In addition, you and/or your company may have to bear the losses, costs and irritations of customers for the poorly done service and the image of your work may be completely compromised and, often, with irrecoverable consequences. Such savings in quality will cost you a lot, very dearly my friend.

This video explains it all

take this advice

When someone offers a service good, fast and cheap, GET OUT! You don't have to pay a lot for the services offered or contracted, but believe me that if you hire someone to perform an electrical service in your home, but this person is not, at least, an electrician, I'm sorry my friend, you will pay a lot expensive to maybe get all the appliances back in your house and hopefully your house doesn't burn down. Having common sense at these times is very welcome.

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