Home This NEW automaker from China launched an unprecedented car and shocked the entire global automotive industry by selling more than 50 thousand units in just 27 minutes!

This NEW automaker from China launched an unprecedented car and shocked the entire global automotive industry by selling more than 50 thousand units in just 27 minutes!

21 April 2024 00 gies: 16
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This NEW automaker from China launched an unprecedented car and shocked the entire global automotive industry by selling more than 50 thousand units in just 27 minutes!
Photo: Chinese automaker arrives breaking record/Youtube

Forget BYD, GWM and JAC: New Chinese automaker is shaking up the automotive industry with its new electric car and breaking sales records.

A new automaker is revolutionizing China's automotive industry! With the recent announcement of its newest car, the new manufacturer surprisingly received more than 50.000 orders in just 27 minutes after the launch of the electric car – and new orders are already arriving!

With this incredible feat, the new Chinese automaker is leaving other manufacturers and experts wondering: what electric car is this? Who is this new automaker that quickly conquered the automotive industry?

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Well, get to know the Xiaomi Car, the new automaker that has been shaking up its competitors in the automotive industry.

Meet Xiaomi Automobile – automaker breaks record and consolidates itself in the market

Alongside giant brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple, Xiaomi has stood out as the second largest manufacturer of phones and mobile devices, second only to Samsung, with revenue of more than 40 billion in the last 10 years alone.

Xiaomi managed to establish itself in the global market after launching several cell phones and, some time later, other mobile devices that won over consumers due to their good quality and excellent value for money.

Now, it arrives as Xiaomi Automobile, the new automaker in the automotive industry, which launched the electric car named Xiaomi SU7.

Model SU7, from Xiaomi Automobile, is considered the electric car of the moment

With the launch of the SU7 model, Xiaomi aims to directly rival the best-selling electric cars, such as the model BMW 4 Series, Porsche Cayman, Tesla Model 3, S and Y, as well as Audi e-tron GT, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and other luxury cars in the automotive industry.

To guarantee the purchase of the SU7, buyers must make a deposit non refundable in the amount of $100 (one hundred dollars). At the end of 7 days from the moment the deposit is registered, the car is delivered to the buyer. It is worth remembering that this is a very common practice among car manufacturers when pre-ordering vehicles.

SU7 reveals features that make it stand out from its rivals

To begin with, its price is simply surprising, starting at 29.900 dollars, a value much lower than expected by American and European electric car manufacturers, as their cars – whose models are similar in terms of operation – usually start at 45.000 dollars or more.

The price range revealed by Xiaomi puts the SU7 well below the average cost of American and European electric cars. Even though it is considered low-cost, the SU7 leaves nothing to be desired in its performance. Even though it is a basic model, the Xiaomi SU7 delivers power that will impress anyone.

Furthermore, the Xiaomi SU7 offers greater driving range than other electric cars in the same class.

SU7 Performance

When it comes to performance, the SU7 goes head to head with even the most expensive supercars in the automotive industry. The model offers impressive acceleration, going from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2,78 seconds, placing itself on the same level as the Tesla Model S and the Porsche.

The SU7 comes equipped with battery options that include 73,6 kWh, 94,3 kWh and 101 kWh battery packs, offering battery life of 700 km, 800 km and 830 km on just one charge.

Design of the Xiaomi SU7

The design of the SU7 was created by bringing together the head of design at Xiaomi, Li Tianyuan together with James Qiu and Chris Bangle, the latter being a renowned automotive designer, who has a high level of experience at BMW.

New car from Xioami - new Chinese automaker arrives in the automotive industry
Photo: Xiaomi automobile

The model included LED headlights divided into two halves with a triangular side opening, which was strategically designed to reduce air resistance when the vehicle is at high speed.

The Xiaomi SU7 has a super modern design, with a futuristic and elegant feel at the same time, but without losing the traditional touches presented in most cars. Weighing approximately 2,2 tons, in addition to the wheelbase being 3m, the SU7 is taller than the Porsche.

advanced features

When it comes to advanced features, the Xiaomi model has a 14 cm display, which projects speed and information directly onto the windshield. The screen is central touch sensitive, revealing a beautiful and generous 41cm display, with a maximum resolution of 3K, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 system and, logically, run by the MIUI software.

In addition, Xiaomi's SU7's advanced resource system includes an internet navigation system, Bluetooth, 360º camera, video player and management of several simultaneous functions.

The Xiaomi SU7 also has a glass front sunroof, rear seats with air vents and USB support. The driver also has assistance from Xiaomi Pilot, which offers the driver 16 standard features that provide advanced driving assistance.

O new Xiaomi car arrived for shake up the automotive industry and revolutionize the concept of electric cars.

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