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Aura Minerals 2024 Internship Program opens registration

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Published 06/03/2024 às 07:59
Aura Minerals Internship Program
Photo: Renê Alexandre.

Unmissable opportunity for students from different areas working in Brazil and the possibility of remote work

A Aura Minerals, a renowned multinational company operating in the mining, announced the opening of registrations for the first edition of its Internship Program 2024. This pioneering initiative seeks to integrate students from various academic areas, who are scheduled to complete their higher education between July 2025 and July 2026, in a dynamic and innovative work environment.

With vacancies distributed between the locations of Almas (TO), Currais Novos (RN), Pontes e Lacerda (MT) and São Paulo, the company stands out for its flexibility and inclusion, even offering the option of remote work for certain functions. This opening demonstrates Aura Minerals' commitment to promoting an adaptive and inclusive corporate culture, aligned with the needs and expectations of the new generation of professionals.

A dive into professional development

O Aura Minerals Internship Program was carefully structured to ensure a rich and multifaceted experience, lasting 12 months. The objective is to provide a solid platform for the development of practical skills, fostering collaboration and mutual learning between interns and company employees. Through a comprehensive set of activities, including mentoring, specialized training, workshops From developing interpersonal skills, constructive feedback processes and challenging projects, participants will be encouraged to grow professionally and personally.

This program represents a unique opportunity for immersion in the corporate world, allowing interns to understand the work dynamics of a multinational company and contribute effectively to strategic projects, under the guidance of experienced leaders in the IT industry. mining.

Benefits and how to participate

In addition to a competitive grant, interns selected for the Internship Program 2024 from Aura Minerals will benefit from a comprehensive package of benefits, including medical and dental assistance, food vouchers, transportation vouchers or chartered transport services, and life insurance. These benefits reinforce Aura Minerals' commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of its interns, ensuring that they can dedicate themselves to learning and professional development without additional worries.

For those interested in taking advantage of this exceptional opportunity, it is important to act quickly, as registrations will only remain open until March 24, 2024. This selection process represents the gateway to a promising career in the mining, in a company that values ​​innovation, diversity and the continuous development of its talents.

In short, Aura Minerals Internship Program It's not just a chance to gain professional experience; it is a journey of growth, learning and contributing to one of the most dynamic and essential industries in the world. We encourage qualified students, motivated by challenges and interested in making a difference, to sign up and be part of this incredible experience.

For more information visit: https://www.estagiotrainee.com/post/aura-minerals

Source: Renê Alexandre.

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