Home Company hiring 50 electricians for a modernization project

Company hiring 50 electricians for a modernization project

26 from 2018 from September to 09: 10
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Company hiring 50 electricians for a modernization project

Service provider will hire 50 electricians to complete a modernization project for lines 1, 2 and 3 of the São Paulo Metro

A service provider is receiving resumes for hiring electricians with experience in the function, within a few days, to complete the modernization project of three lines of the São Paulo Metro. The São Paulo Metro or Metropolitano de São Paulo, popularly known as Metro, is a subway transportation system that serves the city of São Paulo. It is operated by Companhia Metropolitana de São Paulo, a mixed capital company in the state of São Paulo. For you who would like to apply for the vacancies, then continue reading the article to have access to all the information about the process.

Let's go to job requirements

50 vacancies for Electricians – São Paulo

The electrician has the standard responsibility of installing, modifying, repairing, maintaining, diagnosing, testing electrical lines, circuits, new and existing systems and controlling associated equipment. Include power distribution lines and branch circuits used to supply a wide range of voltage, amperage, phase and frequency requirements, distribution panels, power and control circuits.

Industrial multiphase systems, thermocouple sensors, electrical intrusion alarm and fire alarm system, emergency alert systems, lightning protection systems, high intensity lighting systems with associated controls, targeting mechanisms. AC and DC rectification systems, galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems to prevent corrosion in underground or submerged equipment and piping, amplifier circuits and related electrical equipment.

Interested send resume to with the job title in the subject.

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