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Occupational Safety Technicians for large works

26/02/2018 às 10:58
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woman technicians in work safety looking at man

Vacancies are for large enterprises for which Occupational Safety Technicians are needed, pay attention because the deadline ends on the 28th of this month

Occupational Safety Technicians are fundamental in any segment of the work or production chain of a company nowadays, with the main function of ensuring the health and safety of employees in the environment where their activities are carried out. With recent projects already off the ground and taking shape with the reaction of the Brazilian economy, this professional starts to gain more market in 2018. See the opportunities open today.

Open positions for TST

  • Prerequisites: Training in Occupational Safety Technician, previous experience in the function and category B license.
  • Main attributions: Monitor the goals of the area, manage the stock of PPE and monitor the safety of the company's employees
  • Benefits: Salary to be agreed, transportation voucher, food voucher and health plan.

Interested persons who meet the above profile, send resume to and don't forget to put the name of the vacancy in the subject. The selection process runs until 28/02, so hurry up to send your resumes as soon as possible before the deadline. If you would like a few more security technician jobs open, Capter Construtora is also recruiting, access the article here and see the assignment requirements to apply for a position there.

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