Home Oil workers approve strike in favor of Lula: strike could affect oil and gas activities

Oil workers approve strike in favor of Lula: strike could affect oil and gas activities

6 April 2018 17 gies: 59
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It has not yet been defined by the union whether the strike could interrupt operational activities in the Campos or Santos Basin

The coordinator of the Single Federation of Petroleum Workers (FUP), José Maria Rangel, convened yesterday (Thursday-5), the oil industry to hold assemblies on Friday, 06th, in the morning, to deliberate on the possibility of a national strike against the political imprisonment of former president Lula. “The gravity of the moment demands tough decisions. That is why we are advising all oil workers and oil companies and union leaders to be at the units tomorrow morning, holding assemblies to deliberate on a possible stoppage, in case the arrest of former president Lula comes to pass”, says the FUP coordinator.

“We cannot accept that the best president in the history of this country, the president who took Petrobras to a degree never seen before in the history of this company, discovering the pre-salt layer, reactivating the naval industry, generating jobs, income and technology for the country, be arrested for conclusions”, emphasizes José Maria Rangel, directing workers who are off duty to look for the nearest units of the Petrobras System and join the assemblies.

Oil workers approve strike call

In an assembly held on the morning of this Friday (6), the oil tankers of the Duque de Caixas Refinery (REDUC), in Rio de Janeiro, unanimously approved the national strike indicator for the category in support of President Lula and in defense of democracy and workers.

The FUP leadership met in São Bernardo do Campo, and agreed with the other leaders of the country's union and social movements to carry out a major general strike in defense of Lula and the Democratic State of Law. It is not known whether offshore operations throughout Brazil will be affected as a result of this strike.

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