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Senai offers dozens of free technical courses in the distance learning modality with CERTIFICATE and without a selection process

Written by Flavia Marinho
Published 19/04/2024 às 08:42
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Senai is offering 525 free online courses (EAD) without a selection process. There is also no registration deadline, and interested parties can start at any time!

The National Industrial Learning Service (SENAI) has just made available a wide range of free professional technical courses online, totaling 525 options, aiming to train and qualify professionals for the job market. Best of all, there is no selection process, there is no limit to places, and there is so little deadline for registration, interested parties can start at any time!

One of the main advantages of SENAI's online courses is the flexibility offered to students. With the possibility of studying at their own pace, students can balance learning with other responsibilities, such as work and family. This Senai initiative is a response to the growing demand for distance education (EAD) and seeks to meet the needs of individuals who seek learning opportunities without leaving home.

100% EAD and free technical and professional courses offered by Senai

SENAI is committed to offering a wide range of free technical courses to meet diverse professional training needs. Areas covered include Food and Beverage, Automation and Mechatronics, and Automotive, providing fundamental knowledge for modern industry. Courses such as Buildings, Installations and Electronics prepare professionals for specific technical challenges in the construction and maintenance sector.

There are also programs focused on managerial skills and personal development, such as Management, Diversity and Inclusion, and Financial Education. For those interested in technology and innovation, SENAI offers courses in IT – Hardware and Software, as well as Telecommunications. The creative and production industries are served with courses in areas such as Graphics and Digital Printed Media, Wood and Furniture, and Clothing.

Furthermore, technical courses in Occupational Safety, Environment, and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning highlight the importance of sustainability and safety in the workplace. SENAI also offers specialized training in specific sectors such as Petrochemicals, Mining, and Oil and Gas, ensuring that professionals are ready to face the challenges of highly regulated and technical industries. With this diversity of courses, SENAI reaffirms its essential role in training qualified professionals ready to work in different sectors of the economy.

These are just a few examples of the courses offered by SENAI. A complete list can be found on the institution's official website.

Students receive a course completion certificate: Senai certificates open doors to the job market

Upon successfully completing a course, students receive a certificate issued by Senai and highly recognized by the market, which can significantly increase their chances of employability and career progression.

In the competitive environment of the current job market, it is essential for professionals to invest in continuous learning. SENAI's free courses offer a unique opportunity for individuals to acquire new skills and stay up to date with the latest trends in their areas of expertise. Furthermore, the certificate obtained upon completing a course can be an important differentiator on the CV, highlighting the professional's commitment to personal and professional development.

Registration open for SENAI courses

To sign up for SENAI’s free courses, just access the website here and follow the registration instructions. Registration is open at any time, and there is no deadline for registering. To guarantee your place, simply choose the courses you are interested in and follow the registration instructions below.

SENAI's free professional technical courses are an excellent option for those looking for professional development. Take advantage of this opportunity and boost your career with the courses offered by SENAI.

Flavia Marinho

Flavia Marinho is a Production Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Electrical and Automation Engineering, with extensive experience in the onshore and offshore shipbuilding industry. In recent years, she has dedicated herself to writing articles for news websites in the areas of industry, oil and gas, energy, shipbuilding, geopolitics, jobs and courses, with more than 7 thousand articles published. Her technical expertise and communication skills make her a respected reference in her field. Contact us to suggest an agenda, advertise job vacancies or advertise on our portal.

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