Home Video Jornal Nacional: 20 platforms start to arrive from 2018 generating 500 thousand jobs

Video Jornal Nacional: 20 platforms start to arrive from 2018 generating 500 thousand jobs

21 November 2017 to 06: 39
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20 pre-salt platforms

Auctions for new exploration areas should heat up the market. By 2021, 20 platforms should start operating in the pre-salt layer.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Job market analysts estimate that the oil industry will help produce half a million jobs over the next five years, mainly because of the pre-salt layer. Jacarepaguá Airport, in Rio. Every day, hundreds of passengers show up for boarding: oil workers. Before doing the report, we need to wear overalls, which is safety equipment. We took off towards Campo de Lula, in the Santos Basin.

About 500 helicopter pilots and co-pilots work in this industry, in addition to hundreds of flight attendants, technicians and mechanics. One hour and ten minutes later, we see the Cidade de Itaguaí platform vessel, a giant the size of three football fields. oil per day. The vessel is connected to six producing wells. The reserves are seven kilometers deep.

The ship is divided into modules. It has an electricity generating unit capable of lighting a city of 250 inhabitants. Inside there are more than 21 pieces of equipment, almost all remotely controlled. Therefore, highly specialized professionals are needed: engineers, mechanics, electronics technicians, people willing to spend the whole month, two weeks away from home.
Bruna is already used to the relay. “We try to minimize the distance from the family, the distance from home, friends, confinement, being a real family on board”, says chemical engineer Bruna Pacheco. Less than 10% of the crew are women. Carla tests the pre-salt oil. “The oil here is excellent”, says Carla.

At the heart of the ship are engineers and technicians; on deck, emergency and maintenance teams. Paint people fight rust. A battalion that needs to eat: there are 40 meals a year. Zé Ricardo washes the dishes.
“It's worth it because we're taking food home,” he says.
In recent years, the sector has already lost almost half a million jobs, but auctions for new exploration areas should heat up the market. Watch the video below of the Jornal Nacional report!

“For every US$ 1 billion in investment, 25 or so jobs are generated. So we imagine, doing a quick calculation, that in the next five years, it is not linear, but we will have close to 500 thousand new jobs being generated”, explains Cláudio Makarovsky, director of Abespetro, the Brazilian Association of Petroleum Service Companies.
And you, have you ever thought about working on a platform?
“In the beginning you will find many challenges until you get used to this routine. It's cool, I like it a lot”, summarizes Bruna. Source: National Journal

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