Home Multinational Bracell has more than 300 vacancies open for automotive maintenance, automotive maintenance assistants and administrative assistants, storerooms, tinsmiths, among others

Multinational Bracell has more than 300 vacancies open for automotive maintenance, automotive maintenance assistants and administrative assistants, storerooms, tinsmiths, among others

23 April 2024 17 gies: 40
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Multinational cellulose company Bracell has more than 300 vacancies open
Photo: Disclosure/Bracell celulose

Bracell, a famous cellulose multinational, has hundreds of vacancies open in various areas at the Agricultural Fair. Find out how to apply for jobs and what positions are available!

A 44th Lençóis Paulista Agricultural Fair (Facilpa), will start next Thursday (25), with several shows and presentations. The cellulose multinational Bracell, which is one of the largest cellulose producers in the world, will have a stand at the event receiving CVs from people interested in filling out more than 300 job vacancies available at the company.

List of vacancies open by the cellulose multinational Bracell

The highlights are the job openings for automotive maintenance and forestry maintenance, as well as for tri-train truck drivers. There are also more than 200 open vacancies for positions such as:

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  • Harvest coordinator;
  • Automotive maintenance assistants and administrative assistants;
  • Analyst controller;
  • Auxiliary warehouse;
  • Production engineering;
  • Supply analyst;
  • Welders;
  • Tinkers;
  • HR Analyst;
  • Project engineering;
  • Researcher;
  • Research assistant;
  • Warehouses;
  • Materials assistant;
  • Mechanics of all levels;
  • Nursery service assistant.

As jobs of the cellulose multinational are aimed at residents of the cities of Lençóis Paulista, Bauru, Itapeva, Botucatu, Capão Bonito, Barra Bonita, Paulistânia, Igaraçu do Tietê, Presidente Alves, Pirajuí, Avaí, Areiópolis, Piratininga, São Manuel Jaú and Cabrália Paulista ( SP).

Those who are hired for the open places at the cellulose multinational, Bracell, they will also have a series of benefits and the opportunities are for positions in the manufacturing unit and in the forestry area and, therefore, different levels of education, experience in the area and professional qualifications are required.

Pulp multinational still has job openings on its website

In addition to the vacancies open at the Agricultural Fair, Bracell also has open opportunities on its careers website. On the page, when selecting the desired position, carefully read all the requirements, summary of functions, responsibilities, among other important information.

By being approved for one of Bracell Celulose's job openings, the professional embarks on an incredible journey to improve thousands of lives through the development of resources in a sustainable way and be part of its success story. The company offers a dynamic work environment where employees can strengthen skills that will enrich their professional career.

The cellulose multinational believes that incentives and qualifications lead to sustainable results. In this way, it invests in its employees, carrying out training and promoting learning programs, such as trainee, internship and young apprentice, to enable them to remain up to date in their areas of work and have opportunities for career progression.


Bracell Celulose is on a journey of cultural transformation, to make the workplace an increasingly egalitarian and diverse environment. The company has a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, to increase awareness within the company on the topic.

Get to know Bracell better

The operations of the RGE Group (Royal Golden Eagle) in Brazil began in 2003, with the purchase of Bahia Specialty Cellulose (BSC) and Copener Florestal, in Bahia. As one of the global leaders in the production of special dissolving pulp, Bracell bases its operations on the sustainable cultivation of eucalyptus and state-of-the-art factories.

In the two states where it operates, the company generates around 10 thousand job openings, including direct and permanently outsourced workers in industrial, forestry and logistics activities.

The cellulose multinational constantly invests in technology and research to offer its customers high quality products delivered on time and at competitive prices, always respecting the environment and communities at all stages of its operations.

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