Home Brazilian Navy Announces Competition Notice for Naval Marine Soldier

Brazilian Navy Announces Competition Notice for Naval Marine Soldier

4 January 2024 to 10: 20
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Marine Soldier Competition
Public Relations

The Brazilian Navy released the long-awaited notice for the public competition for Naval Marine Soldier, covering 1.680 vacancies distributed in two classes of 840 for the Training Course. With a focus on entry in the year 2025, the event presents opportunities for those seeking a prominent military career.

Registration and benefits

Registration for the competition will be open from January 05th to February 16th, 2024, on the website The registration fee is R$40,00. During the Training Course, Marine Apprentices receive a grant worth R$ 1.303,90. After training, in the SD-FN position, the total salary is R$2.294,50.

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The stages of the Competition

Schooling Exam

The event includes the Education Examination, which consists of an objective written test prepared by the Marine Personnel Command (CPesFN). The assessment covers 50 multiple-choice questions, 25 of which are Portuguese and 25 are Mathematics. Each question is worth 2 points, which totals 100 points in total. Candidates who get at least 10 questions correct in each subject will be approved.

Entrance Physical Fitness Test (TAF-i)

The TAF-i, which is eliminatory in nature, will assess the physical fitness of the competition candidates, observing physical standards required for a military career. The tests include the following activities: swimming, running, push-ups, push-ups on the floor (for female candidates) and, finally, sit-ups. However, the minimum approval rates vary according to gender and type of test.

With a large set of challenges that go beyond the intellectual, the public competition for Marine Soldier seeks the most prepared and dedicated candidates. So, be ready to face the steps and secure your place in the ranks of the Marines.

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