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AION is developing the world's first electric cars with graphene batteries

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 31/01/2022 às 11:36
AION - electric cars - batteries - graphene -
Buick Smart Pod could be developed by AION with graphene batteries – photo: AION

The novelty should arrive soon worldwide, but for now the possibilities are still being analyzed. Both electric and consumer electronics cars will be able to benefit from graphene

For some years now, there has been talk about the use of graphene in the manufacture of batteries, not only in electric cars, but also in smartphones and portable electronic devices. Currently, a series of products of this nature are already being manufactured using graphene. This technology, which brings numerous advantages when compared to what we can currently find on the market, has been standing out for being one of the most powerful when it comes to super-fast charging.

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The automotive world is already looking for possibilities to use graphene in the concept of electric mobility

AION, a Chinese automobile company, decided to make a tremendous and risky bet on electric mobility. It was recently announced that there was the completion and delivery of more than 50 cars integrated with 'Solid State' batteries in the region, and now comes the news of the arrival of the first electric car that will use batteries made of graphene, the Aion V model. , produced by a company of the Chinese GAC group, AION, which is responsible for some lineages of electric cars manufactured in China.

AION has already stated that the mass production of the Aion V will start in September, guaranteeing the capacity and integrity that the automaker has in relation to its commitment to the automotive world.

Graphene has been widely considered to be used in the manufacture of batteries for electric cars, precisely because it allows the car to go from 0 to 80% in just 8 minutes, such as the Aion V.

Advantages of using graphene in the electric car market

Graphene is a better conductor of electricity compared to copper, being 200 times stronger than steel, while also being 6 times lighter.

Graphene is also one of the materials that can store a high amount of energy in a short period of time, and that is exactly why the electric car from the Chinese manufacturer AION can be charged at 600 A, which gives the meaning of a 80% charge in just 8 minutes, that is, it charges 10% per minute.

Other electric car makers and consumer electronics groups are also considering using graphene batteries.

Despite everything, the Chinese manufacturer has not made great advances in terms of battery capacity and, therefore, it is still not possible to draw more interesting conclusions than those already exposed here.

In any case, it is still the beginning of something that could revolutionize the current world of electric mobility in the future. In addition to GAC, some other automakers are considering carrying out tests with graphene, bearing in mind that the American Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, is also in the development phase of its own solutions, so it should consider using these batteries or developing a battery own.

Also in the running is the Samsung Group, which remains very interested in integrating the use of graphene batteries into its lines of mobile devices, aiming at greater charging durability and high technology in its electronics.  

Valdemar Medeiros

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