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GOL airline opens giant selection process with hybrid and in-person job opportunities

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 19/03/2024 às 14:32
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Breaking the professional sky: Discover opportunities at GOL

According to the company's website, GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes is offering an unmissable opportunity for those looking to enter the aviation sector: more than 80 hybrid and in-person job openings spread across Brazil. If you dream of being part of one of the main airline companies in the country, this is your chance to take off in your career!

Check out some cities thatuand opportunities are being offered:

  • Guarulhos – SP
  • Sao Paulo, SP
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ
  • Uberlândia – MG
  • Recife PE
  • Manaus - AM
  • Palms – TO
  • Porto Alegre - RS
  • Boa Vista – RR
  • Fortaleza - CE
  • Joinville - SC

Explore the world of vacancies at GOL

With a wide variety of positions available, GOL is looking for talent to fill different areas and functions in its operations. From opportunities such as customer service and logistics, to vacancies as an airport assistant, there is a position waiting for you, regardless of your experience or educational background.

Check out some available job openings:

  • Commercial Analyst II
  • airport assistant
  • Foreign Trade Coordinator
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Financial Specialist
  • Process and Management Manager
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician II
  • Workshop Technician III – Structures
Vacancies, Goal, employment, opportunity
Photo: Reproduction Hotelier News

The future flying high at GOL: Get your spot now!

GOL is committed to offering an inclusive, dynamic and rewarding work environment for its employees. In addition, the company offers attractive benefits, opportunities for professional growth and a collaborative and stimulating work environment with job openings. If you're ready to take off in your career and be part of a team passionate about aviation, don't waste time – sign up today opportunity and embark on this journey with GOL!


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