Home Meet the Toyota Tundra, the hybrid pickup truck with a 3.4 V6 turbo gasoline engine and a 'monstrous' electric motor that can outperform anything from the Tarok to the Fiat Toro!

Meet the Toyota Tundra, the hybrid pickup truck with a 3.4 V6 turbo gasoline engine and a 'monstrous' electric motor that can outperform anything from the Tarok to the Fiat Toro!

14 May 2024 to 22: 49
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Toyota Tundra, Toyota, pickup truck
Photo: Topspeed reproduction

The Toyota Tundra i-FORCE Max is a hybrid pickup truck, offering the most power in the Tundra lineup. But is his impressive performance enough to win you over?

Since 1936, Toyota has produced some of the cars, vans, SUVs and most popular trucks in the world, becoming a household name for enthusiasts and the general public alike. While innovative cars like the Prius, with its hybrid powertrain, and models like the Corolla and Camry, which often lead global sales, gain prominence, the brand's trucks are sometimes left aside. However, since the debut of the Toyota Tundra pickup in 1999, it has become a strong presence in the large pickup truck industry, according to the Topspeed website.

After more than two decades, the Toyota Tundra pickup truck has always was powered by a fan-loved V-8 gasoline engine. However, that all changed in 2022 with the introduction of the Tundra Hybrid and its i-FORCE Max hybrid powertrain. Designed to offer Tundra drivers perform at their best, along with hybrid fuel economy, the Toyota Tundra i-FORCE Max is a strong competitor in this segment and can be considered one of the best hybrid pickup trucks available in the market.

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Pickup news for 2024

After the redesign of the Tundra pickup in 2022 with the new hybrid powertrain, Toyota chose to make no changes from last year for the 2023 model. However, this year brings several exciting new features for enthusiasts. Limited models of the Tundra Hybrid now have an available Nightshade package, which adds black accents and a black grille to the exterior.

Additionally, several trims can now be equipped with the TRD three-inch lift as a factory option, not limited to only for models TRD Pro. Speaking of the TRD Pro, a new exterior color called Terra is now available, and the Platinum trims can now be equipped with the TRD Off-Road package.

Check out details of the Tundra pickup

Engine and performance

The i-FORCE Max is a hybrid powertrain, not a specific trim or model of the Tundra, so all Tundra i-FORCE Max trucks come with the same engine configuration. In the Tundra, the i-FORCE Max is a 3,4-liter, six-cylinder twin-turbo engine with a 1,87 kWh battery. It is combination produces 437 horsepower and 583 foot-pounds of torque, making it the most powerful engine configuration available in the Tundra lineup.

Photo: topspeed

The Tundra i-FORCE Max can tow up to 11.450 pounds with rear-wheel drive (4x2 or 2WD) in Limited trim and short bed. Adding four-wheel drive (4x4) or upgrading to the long bed starts to decrease the towing capacity across the board. The top-level Capstone trim has the lowest towing capacity at 10.340 pounds, which is still impressive.

Off-road capabilities

Although the Tacoma is perhaps the Toyota's best off-road performance, the Tundra i-FORCE Max can handle difficult terrain. Most trims have a 21,0 degree approach angle and a exit angle of 24,0 degrees, with a ground clearance of 10,0 to 10,8 inches. In the TRD Pro off-road trim, angles increase to 26,0 and 24,2 degrees, respectively, and ground clearance rises to 10,9 inches.

Although it is a hybrid, the Tundra i-FORCE Max pickup does not achieve expected fuel efficiency. The 2WD trims average 22 MPG combined, while the 4X4 drops to 20 MPG, and the TRD Pro trims get just 19 MPG. Despite this, it is not bad consumption for a large pickup truck.

With a powerful hybrid powertrain, robust capabilities and exciting new additions for 2024, the Toyota Tundra i-FORCE Max remains a compelling choice for those looking for a pickup truck with performance and efficiency.

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