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Electric and hybrid vehicles can become armored cars with revolutionary and lighter material, developed by Autobunkers Defense in Brazil

Published 07/06/2022 às 23:55

Electric and hybrid vehicle market grows in Brazil, along with the need for shielding

The constant search for sustainability is changing the market, including the automobile. This is causing an increase in the number of electric and hybrid vehicles circulating around, with the growing concern about greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels. Brazil has already registered a 78% increase in the sale of these new models in the first four months of 2022. However, a big issue would be to generate armored cars from these new vehicles, considering the housing and arrangement of the batteries.

The Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicles (ABVE) points out that electrified vehicles reached 3.123 registrations in April 2022 alone, resulting in an impressive total of 12.976 sales in 2022 alone. it's a dilemma and armor can be done, but it involves some challenges, to be overcome by Autobunkers Defense. Learn more in today's article.

Understand more about the operation of electric vehicles with the video below.

The electric car has a different configuration that guarantees driving without emitting greenhouse gases | Playback – Youtube: Lesics Português

AutoBunkers Defense Group develops new lighter material for armoring electric and hybrid vehicles

As we know, the electric and hybrid vehicles can be armored, however, they require some knowledge due to the differences with the conventional car. First, these vehicles have different positions for power generators. That is, they can often be in front, sometimes behind the car. Also, energy storage units can be in different locations. All this affects the distribution of cables through the vehicle and, consequently, the shielding.

In this way, the company that works with armored cars needs to be attentive and map the vehicle before starting any armoring action. However, this process is often difficult due to the soldering process needing insulation.

“Even hybrid and electric vehicles must remain isolated from the ground using plastic or rubber stands. In these vehicles, we use Aramid Gold armor, which is an exclusive technology of armor made of aramid blanket and does not require steel parts”.

Olavo Ehmke, managing partner of the Autobunkers Defense business group (2022)

Autobunkers Defense took the initiative to look for ways to make it easier to armor electric vehicles. After a few years of research, in 2021 they launched a new armor with revolutionary and lighter material made 100% from aramid blanket. This coating, produced in Kevlar, is easier to use in armor, safer and ensures the same resistance as steel but does not make the vehicle as heavy.

After all, who is AutoBunkers Defense?

The Auto Bunkers Defense business group is already a reference in the national market in terms of armored cars, as it has been in the market for 20 years. Its history has more than 15 armored and marketed cars and 7 armored vehicles executed at the request of customers.

The company makes the shields following all the recommendations of the Brazilian Army and complying with all the necessary certifications. That is, the materials are treated with the utmost care and guarantee the quality of the vehicle to be armored.

Because it trusts so much in its work and quality, the company proposes a guarantee for brand new vehicles that receive the team's shielding. After all, the company performs the service within the standards recommended by automakers and importers operating in national territory. In addition, it is certified by ISO 9001 and associated with ABRABLIN – Associação Brasileira de Blindagem.

For electric vehicles, the Auto Bunker Defense offers the aramid blanket material as a coating, which guarantees as much safety as steel but makes the vehicle lighter. In addition, it enables placement regardless of the position of the generator and energy store, with much more effective and assertive results.

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