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Elon Musk is unaware of the word “limit”: billionaire presents new Tesla Model 3 and surprises the automotive sector

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 27/04/2024 às 09:53
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Photo: reproduction adapted from Google Images

Elon Musk is no joke when it comes to automotive innovation. The new Tesla Model 3 promises to revolutionize the market with its super power and technological advances

Every time Elon Musk announces a new car, we can wait something 'loud'. This time, the credits go to Tesla Model 3, which received numerous technological modifications and also techniques. All these innovations were made by the entrepreneur with the aim of becoming one of the main names in the automotive sector, according to the Garagem 360 website.

Innovations present in the Tesla Model 3

To start the list of innovations, we highlight the electrical adjustments in the vehicle, greatly improving the heating and ventilation of Tesla. Furthermore, to provide a comfortable and satisfying drive, Elon Musk decided to introduce in the Model 3 sports seats with deeper, more wraparound seats.

Photo: Tessi-supply.com

On the technological side, Tesla has 17 speakers beyond one 15,4” multimedia screen and screens in the back seat measuring 8” each. Another exceptional thing about the model is its iinterior completely finished in carbon fiber, which gives the vehicle a modern and luxurious look.

Photo: Quatro Rodas

Let's talk about performance?

In addition to the Tesla's look, Elon Musk didn't play around when he “chose” his mechanical kit. The Model 3 can accelerate from 0 to 96km/h in an incredible 2,9 seconds! With an impressive range of 476km and a maximum speed of 262km/h, Tesla provides an exciting experience for the driver, eliminating worries.

In addition to these innovations, the vehicle also had considerable changes on your chassis and your stability control. Speaking of the chassis, it was vastly improved with components that optimize rigidity and reduce Tesla's mass. Regarding stability control, the new one received adjustments to truly provide a safe and comfortable driving. O Model 3 also received new brake pads and wheels.

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Find out how much this entire technology package proposed by Tesla owner Elon Musk costs

The Tesla Model 3 is being sold by starting price of US$52.990,00Or this equivalent to R$ 274.000,00. Combining technology, power and comfort in a single vehicle, the “offensive” Elon Musk's vehicle could be a milestone in the automotive sector and be a big competitor for automakers. 

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