Home Evolution of fuel prices starts October with low variation

Evolution of fuel prices starts October with low variation

09/10/2023 às 16:45
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Ethanol price drops

The beginning of October shows ethanol falling, while gasoline and diesel remain balanced.

In October, the price landscape for the main fuels in Brazil was subtle. Ethanol saw a slight decrease, becoming an economically favorable alternative for flex-fuel vehicles in several regions. On the other hand, diesel and gasoline demonstrated remarkable stability.

Subtle Drop in Ethanol

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In the week from September 29th to October 05th, gas stations recorded a 0,37% decline in the price of hydrated ethanol, reaching a national average of R$3,763 per liter. This value is R$0,014 lower compared to the previous week. The analysis, provided by ValeCard, also highlights that the option for ethanol has become more advantageous in states such as Rio Grande do Norte, Tocantins and Paraíba, due to this drop.

Brendon Rodrigues, Head of Innovation and Portfolio at ValeCard, points out: “The volatility of card prices renewable fuel it is mainly influenced by rising production and increased demand due to its economic attractiveness compared to gasoline in certain states.”

Gasoline Maintains Stability

In the same period, gasoline had an almost imperceptible increase of 0,07%, with the national average standing at R$5,990 per liter. ValeCard highlights that, even with this small increase, September recorded an increase of 2,51% compared to August.

Brendon Rodrigues notes that the recent stability in gasoline prices may be due to the decrease in Brent oil prices on the world stage. Thus, he suggests that there may not be major price adjustments by Petrobras in October.

Minimum Variation in Diesel

Diesel, essential for several sectors of the economy, showed surprising stability, with a negative variation of just 0,22%. Fluctuations in fuel prices are crucial for the budgets of many Brazilians and also for logistics and transport companies.


With the increasingly digital economy, monitoring changes in fuel prices becomes vital, both for consumers and companies. The data offered by ValeCard provides a comprehensive view of the market, helping to make informed decisions. By staying up to date with these values, it is possible to better plan expenses and take advantage of opportunities.

Source: Gustavo Magaldi.

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