Home Supertanker explosion leaves 3 injured, XNUMX missing

Supertanker explosion leaves 3 injured, XNUMX missing

16 from 2018 to 05 at 58: XNUMX
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Three people are reported missing after an explosion hit the MT Desh Vaibhav oil tanker, owned by the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI).

The company said that, based on preliminary information, the tanker "allegedly suffered an explosion in one of its cargo tanks" early in the morning while underway in the Sea of ​​Oman off the Arabian Peninsula. “Another person with burns is being evacuated by helicopter. Assistance has been sought from the Royal Navy of Oman and other ships in the vicinity.

"According to the latest status, the fire has subsided and a firefighting vessel should arrive on the ship shortly to cool the tanks," SCI said in a statement.

The cause of the explosion is still being investigated.

Based on the latest AIS data from Marine Traffic, the VLCC was underway from Sikka, India to Fujairah, United Arab Emirates when the explosion occurred. The 2005-built VLCC is one of four large tankers in SCI's fleet, based on data from the company's website.

O The last accident registered in Brazil was in the Santos Basin, on the 3rd of August with a worker which provided services to the company Fugro, executing a Petrobras contract for installation of submarine pipelines. His name was Athayde dos Santos Filho, 57 years old, despite having received first aid at the scene, he ended up dying at the scene.

Offshore worker dies in accident in Santos Basin, informs Petrobras

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