Home Honda CB 300F Twister 2025: Honda's 'motorbike' that goes a lot and still does 40 km/l, to leave rivals drooling

Honda CB 300F Twister 2025: Honda's 'motorbike' that goes a lot and still does 40 km/l, to leave rivals drooling

21 April 2024 12 gies: 23
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photo/reproduction: uol

Honda CB 300F Twister 3 in 1? It does 40km/l, powerful and on top of that it's affordable!

According to automobile news, the Honda CB 300F Twister 2025 arrives with full force, bringing the perfect combination of power, economy and accessibility. As part of the renowned Twister line, this model promises to revolutionize the motorcycle market. Let's explore the details that make the 2025 Twister an exceptional choice for two-wheel lovers.

The 300 Honda CB 2025F Twister offers the best of both worlds, Honda build quality and a friendly starting price. For only R$ 22.370, you can have a motorcycle that does not compromise in terms of reliability and performance, so this is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an exceptional riding experience without spending a fortune.

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The heart of CB 300F Twister is its single-cylinder engine 293,5 cc, which offers impressive power 24,7 horses. With electronic injection and a transmission system 6 marches, this bike provides an exciting riding experience. Whether in the city or on the highway, the Twister 2025 delivers superior performance.

Honda, an economy without compromises

In addition to its power, the Twister 2025 also stands out for its fuel economy. Therefore, with an average of 40 km/l using gasoline e 25,58 km/l with ethanol, That motorcycle It is one of the most efficient in its category. That means fewer stops at the gas station and more time on the road.


Ergonomic design and comfort

The design of the CB 300F Twister was carefully thought out to offer comfort to the rider and pillion. The split seat provides a comfortable seating position relaxed riding, ideal for long trips. Furthermore, the suspensions absorb road irregularities, ensuring a smooth and stable drive.

Affordable maintenance

In fact, Honda is also concerned about maintenance costs. Therefore, the first two inspections are free, and the engine oil is changed every 12.000 km at no additional cost.. This way, insurance and tax costs are reasonable, making the Twister 2025 an affordable option for motorcyclists.

Without a doubt, the Honda CB 300F Twister is an impressive motorcycle, and its technical sheet offers important details for two-wheel enthusiasts. Here are the main specifications of the CB 300F Twister:

  • Engine: Single cylinder with 293,5 cm³
  • Power: Electronic injection
  • Fuel: Flex (can use gasoline or ethanol)
  • Power: 24,7 hp at 7.500 rpm (with ethanol) / 24,5 hp at 7.500 rpm (with gasoline)
  • Torque: 2,6 kgf.m at 5.500 rpm (ethanol) / 2,61 kgf.m at 5.500 rpm (gasoline)
  • Bore x Stroke: 77,0 mm x 63,0 mm
  • Transmission: 6 gears
  • Length: 2.084 mm

Furthermore, CB 300F Twister It has other features, such as Full LED lighting, digital Blackout panel and USB input. Therefore, its bold design and comfort make this motorcycle an excellent choice for those looking for power and economy. Enjoy the experience of riding this incredible machine!

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