Home Honda Civic for R$45 thousand! Honda sedan leaves rivals behind in 2024 with attractive price and great consumption! 

Honda Civic for R$45 thousand! Honda sedan leaves rivals behind in 2024 with attractive price and great consumption! 

7 April 2024 17 gies: 24
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Honda Civic for R$45 thousand! Honda sedan leaves rivals behind in 2024 with attractive price and great consumption!
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Discover the Honda sedan that is being sold on the market for around R$45. The Honda Civic sedan delivers great design, power and durability to the market automotive.

For those looking for a vehicle option that combines accessibility and sophistication, an excellent choice can be a Honda Civic sedan of the eighth generation. Especially considering the budget that starts at R$45, it is feasible to find units from the 2011 model year, which represent the top of the line LXL version, equipped with automatic transmission. This specific edition of the Honda sedan is often cited as one of the most acclaimed in the Brazilian market, standing out for its quality and performance. Remembering that the article in question concerns the used eighth generation Honda Civic.

Honda Civic sedan delivers up to 140 horsepower

The Honda sedan's equipment includes ABS brakes, front airbags, speed controller, leather seats and radio with CD player. The 1.8 horsepower 140 naturally aspirated engine is not a reference in fuel economy, but as a legitimate Honda sedan, the Honda Civic is synonymous with reliability, which does not dispense with the old advice of a good prior check with a trusted mechanic.

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The model has a length of 4,49 m, a wheelbase of 2,70 m, a width of 1,75 m and a height of 1,45 m, and can carry up to 340 L in its trunk. With a 4-cylinder engine, 1.8 16V, the Honda Civic sedan delivers up to 140 horsepower and 17,7 kgfm of torque associated with a 5-speed automatic transmission. With these configurations, the model can deliver urban consumption of 6,5 km per liter with ethanol, and 10,6 km per liter with gasoline. The model's road consumption is 8,6 km/l and 13,9 km/l with the respective fuels.

Design of the eighth generation Honda sedan impresses to this day

One of the highlights of the Honda Civic sedan is its appearance, with features that mix futuristic and sporty elements, such as the low front with tapered headlights and the rear, with a drop that resembles a coupe and headlights with lighting that imitates the visual signature of LEDs. .

Both versions of the Honda sedan feature 16-inch, 5-spoke alloy wheels, closed on the cheapest and hollow on the more expensive. However, there are still three other differences on the outside, in addition to the logo: the chrome exhaust tip, the fog lights and the turn signal repeaters on the rear view mirrors.

The bold interior had perhaps an even greater impact on those who entered it for the first time: an instrument panel illuminated by LEDs divided into two floors. The top shows the digital speedometer, engine temperature and fuel level, all above the steering wheel rim. The lower instrument panel shows the warning lights, the gear position, the odometer and, in the foreground, the rev counter. In practice, the main information is right in front of the driver, as in a head up display.

Main advantages and disadvantages according to the owner of a Honda Civic sedan

According to HR analyst Peter Pascoal Zumba, 31 years old, who lives in Jundiaí (SP), the Honda sedan is a very reliable car, which lives up to the reputation of the unbreakable Japanese cars, requiring only preventative maintenance. The rigid suspension, even though it gives the car a harder appearance, provides firmer handling, while its appearance, despite its age, still raises some eyebrows.

One of the flaws is that if you have a large family or like to travel with a lot of luggage, the trunk may not be enough, as it is smaller than that of other sedans, being completely out of line with the competition at the time. Here on this link you can find used Honda Civic at a bargain price.

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