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Offshore and maritime hospitality is hiring

6 October 2017 to 16: 00
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offshore catering Brazil hiring

The opportunities are for activities in the Campos Basin in a renowned offshore hotel company

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Today's offshore vacancies are for kitchen helpers, a clear sign that the market has started to react and companies are starting to gain confidence to hire, in a simple way, of course , but we can already see a slight change. Next, check out the assignments requested for the position and apply only if they meet the proposed requirements, okay? So here we go, this is the transcript I got from the company on Linkedin.

about the vacancy

Transcription: OFFSHORE KITCHEN HELPER Requirements: Experience in offshore function; Complete primary education; Kitchen Helper Course (held at an institution recognized by MEC); Valid CBSP and HUET courses; Candidates with the described profile should send their resume and Kitchen Helper certificate to Inform in the subject of the email OFFSHORE KITCHEN HELPER

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