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Campos Maduros can generate 381 jobs in the Campos Basin

18 June 2018 to 09: 32
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mature fields jobs investments

In a few days, the ANP will release the regulation for the revitalization of mature fields with expected investments of more than R$15 billion

The mature fields in the Campos Basin will finally receive investments to raise their productivity potential from July. This is due to the fact that in the same period, the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), informed that it will release the budgetary regulations for the assets that make up this sedimentary basin. The cities of Macaé and oil producing municipalities will be directly and positively affected by these new resolutions.

According to industry data, the current employability potential after this new resolution will be around 381 thousand direct jobs, scalable until 2022. .

Currently, these mature fields have been in a natural phase of production decline, as they have been exploited for almost 40 years. Petrobras has shown its interest in investing in the region after the emergence of new technologies that can revitalize these wells, which are actually "immense", reviving the oil and gas industry.

Fields that will be revitalized

In May of this year, Marcelo Batalha, General Manager of UO-BC, reported that the Voador and Marlim fields are already secured. At the moment, there is an ongoing negotiation with the ANP for the revitalization of the Albacora, Charlote and Jubarte fields, which are very close to the Santos pre-salt.

Other offshore multinationals are interested in exploring these fields in the same way, in fact many of them have the technological expertise, in addition to the tests that have proven successful. This phase opens precedents in an entirely new market, which will benefit many other assets in Brazil and around the world in the near future.

Job projections until 2022

At the moment, there are negotiations on new ventures and mergers taking place between large national and international oil companies, aiming at guaranteeing subsidies and investments for this new type of market. See the projection of jobs calculated below with these new businesses:

2018 – 69 thousand
2019 – 79 thousand
2020 – 85 thousand
2021 – 78 thousand
2022 – 70 thousand
total – 381 thousand


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