Home Porto do Açú signs an agreement with the United States for exports of Brazilian products

Porto do Açú signs an agreement with the United States for exports of Brazilian products

25 from 2018 from September to 09: 57
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Port of Acu United States

The Rio Oil and Gas event begins to bring good results for Brazil, American and Porto do Açú executives sign a commitment for a new cycle of prosperity between the two nations for export activities

Porto do Açú, which is actually a port complex, already starts the Rio Oil and Gas event, collecting good results and taking advantage of its mega structure that literally fills the eyes of any player on the planet, both for merchant activities and for the oil segment and it is already on the way to being the most complete in Brazil, see the world.

On the first day of the event, the Port of Houston signed a collaboration agreement with the Port of Açú to strengthen relations and increase the exchange of product exports between Brazil and the United States, which in its part will be bulk and inputs from the oil and gas.

This cooperation term comes at a very good time and is extremely strategic for Prumo Logística, says the president of the company in Brazil, José Magella.

Projects in Porto do Açú in progress

Besides Thermoelectric GNA I which is currently under construction in the port complex which will be operational in 2021, GNA II will start its works in 2019 and is expected to start operating in 2023. Magela that the peak of jobs in the construction of the two thermoelectric plants will reach 4.500 employees and with a total investment of 8 billion reais, becoming the largest generator of electricity by thermoelectric plants in Latin America with its incredible 3GW capacity.

In addition, a regasification terminal will be installed to transport gas production from the Santos and Campos Basins, as well as processing and using the complex. The existing gas pipelines will be connected to this HUB, also facilitating the trade of the product for domestic use and export.

Executives are watching the mmaintenance market for offshore units, such as rigs/drillships and vessels. Currently, Porto do Açú has the West Catarina rig in one of its terminals in warm stacking and is keeping an eye on the Brazilian market for the manufacture and assembly of platform modules. Subsea equipment repairs and decommissioning are within the intended service portfolio as well.

A construction of a railway network between Rio and Vitória is also another significant step forward in the development of internal logistics, this will significantly reduce logistical costs, facilitating the transport of all types of cargo and bulk. It is worth remembering that 60% of the costs of products of this nature are related to transportation.

There will also be construction of a heliport in the Complex and many companies are interested in working on the project. The purpose is to meet the logistical operations of people for offshore platforms and materials, dividing operations into Campos Basin with Macaé, and perhaps even extinguishing these types of operations.

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