Home Is recruitment by referrals in companies really bad?

Is recruitment by referrals in companies really bad?

26 April 2018 10 gies: 15
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Specialist in recruitment and selection demystifies some points on this subject that is taboo between candidates and Human Resources

When we talk about recruitment and selection through indication these words throw us the following words in our thought: “IQ, “hot back”, fish, godparents, etc…” But is it really so bad for a company to recruit new employees through referrals from other employees of the firm itself? Bel Vazquez, a specialist in this area for many years and a professional Head Hunter, has prepared a short text for you to take into consideration and maybe open your minds to new perspectives on this subject, read her authorial text below:

Would you recommend a doctor you've never seen? And a restaurant you've never eaten at? Would you recommend a store you've never even stepped in? But what if you had already heard great things about them? If a friend of yours had already commented well about them to you? Would you recommend it, but with the caveat that “look, I’ve never been there, I don’t know them, but I was told well?”
Referrals occur every day of our lives. I bet that if you had a serious problem to solve, you would look for someone who had references. If your child or someone you love were sick, would your first choice be to ask a friend for help for a referral to a specialist, or would you Google any doctor?

Why then are there people who believe that referrals are not fair in the job market? Of course, I'm not going to go into the merits of people who are not competent and who have hot backs and are put in the position in exchange for favors (it's quite revolting when that happens, especially for HR who needs to follow these orders and hire even reluctantly …). For these people, the only advice I give is: stop complaining and strengthen your connections, keep the doors always open in every company you pass. Have allies from your career and you are next. Follow Bel Vazquez's profile on Linkedin here.

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