Home Embrapa has open registration for dozens of vacancies in distance learning courses that are completely free and with a guaranteed certificate, sign up!

Embrapa has open registration for dozens of vacancies in distance learning courses that are completely free and with a guaranteed certificate, sign up!

December 21 from 2023 to 11: 23
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Embrapa logo and hand holding smartphone displaying online course, with text highlighting free distance learning courses and open registrations."
Registration open for free distance learning courses offered by Embrapa, with guaranteed certificates. Take the next step in your farming career now!

Improve your skills with free courses from Embrapa! Various areas, certification included. Registration open for EAD training!

Embrapa, a giant in the Brazilian agricultural sector, announces an incredible opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts in the sector: a series of completely free distance learning courses! This initiative represents a revolution in training and education in the agro sector, offering a range of options for all levels of experience and interests. From cajá cultivation to property management, the courses cover a wide area of ​​knowledge. Secure your place!

Choosing one of the Embrapa EAD courses it is not just an opportunity to learn; It's an investment in your future. With guaranteed certification, these courses represent a significant advancement in your career. And the best: completely free! Embrapa stands out for its scientific excellence and practical approach, ensuring that each course is not only informative, but also applicable in the real world.

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Embrapa opens doors to the future with free distance learning courses! Check the list of main courses offered

  • Good practices for the production and processing of single açaí fruits for pulp production
  • Property Management and Control Tools in Sheep and Goat Production
  • Management of açaí cultivation on dry land: from seed to post-harvest and processing
  • Compost
  • Integrated Natural Rubber Production (Rubber Tree - Farm Phase)
  • Nitrogen compounds in marine shrimp cultivation
  • Recovery of Degraded Pastures
  • Raising Free-Range Chickens in Family Farming in the Semiarid Region
  • Soil and Water Conservation Fundamentals and Practices
  • Dwarf coconut tree irrigation
  • Good Poultry Litter Management Practices
  • Herb 20: fertilization
  • Coffee farming in the Cerrado
  • Herb 20: implantation of herbs
  • Bioeconomy for socio-biodiversity in the Cerrado Biome
  • Urban meliponiculture
  • Chromatography – Basic concepts
  • Biodiverse Livestock in Productive Backyards in the Semiarid
  • Sweet potato: from seedling production to post-harvest
  • Mushrooms: main features and potential markets
  • Vegetable gardens in small spaces
  • and many others!

How can I participate in Embrapa’s free courses?

To take advantage of this incredible offer completely free distance learning courses, the process is simple. Just access the Embrapa website, IN THIS LINK, and choose the course or courses that interest you most. Registration is quick, easy and, most importantly, free. Don't miss this unique opportunity to train with the best in the sector!

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