Home India dazzles the world with ‘SG4 BIG DISH’: the largest and most powerful solar concentrator ever built

India dazzles the world with ‘SG4 BIG DISH’: the largest and most powerful solar concentrator ever built

29/12/2023 às 22:23
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India dazzles the world with 'SG4 BIG DISH' the largest and most powerful solar concentrator ever built
Photo: Time/Reproduction

India inaugurates the largest solar concentrator in the world, with 26 tons and more than 380 parabolic mirrors, capable of generating electricity for multiple establishments.

In the western region of India, the largest and most efficient solar concentrator in the world was installed, a milestone in renewable energy generation. This pioneering project aims to provide sustainable electricity to a research center and a hospital, highlighting India's commitment to public health and scientific advancement. This solar energy initiative reflects a long-term strategy focused on people's well-being and technological progress.

Solar concentrator is named SG4 Big Dish

This impressive solar concentrator in India will provide energy for air conditioning, a very essential equipment for the country, and also in other daily applications. The work team is currently aligning this monumental construction, which weighs 26 tons, with the sun's path, as it is necessary to maximize irradiance performance.

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It is important to remember that irradiance is used to define the power of electromagnetic radiation that reaches a certain location. It is also worth noting that it is essential to define the value of the solar constant. This is all accomplished through the solar tracker RaZon+ from Kipp & Zonan that records irradiance, the duration of the sun in hours and energy.

The solar concentrator installed in India, which has 380 parabolic mirrors, is called SG4 Big Dish. And that's not all, as its solar energy reflecting area covers an impressive area of ​​500 m². Located at its focal point is a thermal collector, which allows the parabolic mirrors to concentrate sunlight.

With the energy generated by the solar concentrator, sterilization and laundry operations can be carried out in the hospital. As if that wasn't enough, also makes it possible to prepare 2 meals per day.

Challenges Encountered in Implementing Solar Power Generator in India

To be successful in maximizing the efficiency of this solar concentrator, extremely accurate monitoring of the RaZON+ system from Kipp & Zonen da OTT HydroMet it was essential. Therefore, it was possible to align the solar energy equipment with the sun's trajectory, allowing the irradiation to be captured at its maximum expression. As the months went by, challenges emerged, such as the movement of clouds, which impacts the amount of energy received.

Therefore, the weather forecast applied to the daily operation of the solar concentrator is essential. However, this technological advance is a model to follow to cover energy demands in a more sustainable way.

Without a doubt, it is an initiative that can be replicated around the world and can be part of urgent climate policies, thus generating a more enlightening vision of the steps to follow towards a nature-friendly lifestyle.

Construction of the solar concentrator 

The mission was to develop a large-area solar antenna to generate electricity with minimal installation cost when mass-produced on a large scale. Additional requirements included minimizing technical risk and maximizing reliability. The ease of transformation for operators and the applicability of a range of energy conversion options were considered attractive points for investors.

The design process followed rigorous systems design principles and carefully took into account the interactions between the main frame, mirrors, foundation, receiver and actuation subsystems as each was developed in parallel.

While the previous 3m² SG400 antenna design relied on the assembly of precise prefabricated space frame components to produce the required paraboloid, the SG4 design relies on a very precise reusable template to provide the precision of the structure supporting the optical surface.

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