Home Honda dominated by Shineray! Shineray's economical motorcycle with 500 km of autonomy promises to change the game for less than R$8!

Honda dominated by Shineray! Shineray's economical motorcycle with 500 km of autonomy promises to change the game for less than R$8!

27 March 2024 to 21: 16
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Honda dominated by Shineray! Shineray's economical motorcycle with 500 km of autonomy promises to change the game for R$8!
Photo: Disclosure/Shineray

New economical motorcycle from Shineray arrives to take the podium from Honda for the cheapest motorcycle. The Shineray Worker 125 delivers up to 500 km of autonomy on a full tank.

Amidst the growing interest of the Brazilian public in accessible and economical transport, a new highlight appears in the Brazilian motorcycle market. A Shineray economical motorcycle, which leaves Honda models behind, appears as an incredible alternative for drivers who are looking for cheap and practical options for everyday urban transportation.

With a price below R$8, Shineray's latest economical motorcycle, added to the motorcycle universe, promises to rival traditional models, including the renowned Pop 110i, from Honda, the favorite of Brazilians.

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The truth is that, contrary to what many people think, the vast majority of the cheapest motorcycles on the Brazilian market are from Chinese brands, with Honda having only 2 models among the 10 most economical. The cheapest motorcycle in Brazil that is fighting with the Honda Pop is the Shineray Worker 125, which arrives with a proposal to win the consumer's heart with its competitive offer.

Shineray Worker 125 hits the market to compete with Honda models

Despite having a leaner list of standard equipment, the Shineray Worker stands out for its distinctive design and the promise of efficiency on urban streets. Its 4-stroke, 2-valve single-cylinder engine, with 123,67 cc displacement, offers satisfactory performance for everyday life.

With a 4-speed gearbox and oil-bathed multi-disc clutch, Shineray's new economical motorcycle achieves a maximum power of 7,2 horsepower at 7.500 RPM and a maximum torque of 8,0 NM at 6 thousand RPM. Equipped with electric/pedal start and a 12V / 5,0AH battery, it provides an efficient and functional driving experience.

New Shineray Worker 125 does 35 to 40 km/L

The Shineray Worker 125 has an average range of 520 kilometers with its 14-liter fuel tank. In this way, the model has a very economical engine that can deliver around 35 to 40 km/l, which really points out that this is the cheapest motorcycle in Brazil, especially given the low price on a daily basis.

 This demonstrates its ability to travel a significant distance before needing refueling. Shineray's new economical motorcycle features a construction with a set of fenders and luggage rack to provide more comfort for daily riding, especially with the simple seat.

The handlebars are well structured and provide safety when driving in cities. This is a new era in the motorcycle market in the country and, with imports in batches, Shineray is preparing to meet demand efficiently and quickly, demonstrating its commitment to quality and Brazilian consumer satisfaction.

Shineray bringing new models to the Brazilian market

In addition to this economical motorcycle from Shineray, the New QJ SRJ 400 will arrive in Brazil soon. The model, which has an impeccable design and great performance, arrives in the country to compete with the MT 03. Shineray's new motorcycle is a twin-cylinder from a very famous Chinese brand abroad, a partner of Harley Davidson. A release date for the series has not yet been announced. Shineray SRK 400, but according to information, that date is not that far away.

The model promises great agility and fun driving, transmitting great sensations to the driver due to the availability of the twin-cylinder engine and a light weight of 176 kg, which makes it possible to enjoy a superior level of driving, both on daily journeys and in urban environment, such as on interurban roads, when looking for more sporty driving.

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