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ANP facilitates contracting of gas pipeline capacity with new rules

Written by Paulo S. Nogueira
Published 23/11/2023 às 17:12
ANP, Public call, Gas pipelines
Director of the ANP, Claudio Jorge, took over the gas sector agenda this year (Photo: Pedro França/Agência Senado)

New resolution adopts a simplified process for contracting existing capacity, eliminating public calls.

The board of directors of the National Petroleum Agency, Natural gas and Biofuels (ANP) approved the final version of the new standards for contracting capacity in pipelines transport, with the aim of simplifying procedures.

The new ANP rules represent a review of previous resolutions, which became partially obsolete with the implementation of the New Gas Law. Resolution nº 51/2013 (which governs the authorization for gas loading activities) and resolution nº 11/ 2016 (which addresses the processes of public call for contracting transport capacity) are being reviewed and updated to align with current legislation.

In summary, the major innovation consists in implementing a simpler method for contracting existing capacity, without the obligation to make public calls.

Transporters will be able to offer transport contracts through an electronic platform, as long as they observe the principles of transparency, publicity, equality and non-discrimination.

Changes to the rules for public calls for hiring incremental capacity

Now, public calls are only mandatory when it comes to contracting incremental capacity, that is, when there is a need to expand or build a new gas pipeline. The main objective of public calls is to estimate demand for the natural gas transportation. After this stage, the capacity itself is contracted.

The rapporteur, director Cláudio Jorge, suggested that the new guidelines be implemented immediately after the publication of the new resolution, in order to allow the hiring of capacity from January 2024.

Source: EPBR Agency

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