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GE company hiring for the Onshore Quality area

2 from 2018 to 08 at 13: XNUMX
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GE company hiring for the Onshore Quality area

The company GE is hiring an onshore quality inspector with experience to work at its factory in Camaçari BA

GE has opened a vacancy at its factory in Camaçari, BA for a quality inspector. The company has increased its activities throughout the national territory, its factories are large and it is currently hiring a lot of professionals to occupy specific positions of great responsibility. GE's quality sector is very demanding and the professionals hired by the company participate in various training courses in Brazil and abroad to ensure the reliability of the equipment. Let's go to the vacancy and its requirements.


  • Vacancy: Quality Inspector C - Deadline Determined
  • Education: Technician in Mechanics and Electromechanics
  • Knowledge of industrial processes / Reading and Interpretation of Drawings / Measurement with instruments / Quality Tools
  • Living in Camaçari

Function Summary:

  • Inspect and release the quantity, type and model of the material. Check and analyze the material certificate
  • Elaborate devices and jigs of conference and measurement. Complete and control reports
  • Inspect the product for its size and appearance, according to the customer's request and technical specification


Control and complete the printed sample report (generally carried out in the first batch of an order) specifying the material/product as a whole and later sending it to the areas involved. Complete and control the printed non-compliance report, sent to the inspected supplier/area, requesting correction or replacement for later inspection. Perform mechanical inspections, by carrying out non-destructible tests for mechanical inspections, meeting the specific qualifications required for each project, in order to certify the quality of the final product. Perform inspections and tests using dimensional mechanical measurement methods and instruments such as; caliper, micrometer, grade protractor, hardness gauge, templates and mechanical testing by sampling, following the inspection plan and/or drawing.

How to Apply:

Before sending your resume, be sure to proofread it, avoiding mistakes in Portuguese, putting only proven information, and put the job title in the subject of the email. Always remembering the group corresponding to your experience. Always have your resume up to date and your certificates easily accessible to facilitate sending when requested by the company. Also prepare to be available for online interviews (via Skype), and keep your cell phone close at all times. Interested in the vacancy CLICK HERE to register the resume.

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