Home For R$ 8.290, with electronic injection and doing 48 km/l, Shineray's 'cheap' motorcycle exceeds expectations and overshadows models from Honda and Yamaha

For R$ 8.290, with electronic injection and doing 48 km/l, Shineray's 'cheap' motorcycle exceeds expectations and overshadows models from Honda and Yamaha

2 April 2024 19 gies: 36
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For less than R$9 with electronic injection and delivering 48 km/l, a 'cheap' bike exceeds expectations and outshines models from Honda and Yamaha
Photo: New motorcycle/Dall-e

New Shineray motorcycle arrives for less than R$9 to leave rivals aside. The cheap Shineray Phoenix motorcycle is super economical and has a surprising design!

A few months ago Shineray released an update to the Phoenix family. With new graphics, the brand's focus was on the S version, however the manufacturer had also promised something new with electronic injection and it finally arrived. Shineray's cheap motorcycle, called the Shineray Phoenix S EFI, is the first moped with electronic injection in Brazil.

The cheap Shineray Phoenix S EFI motorcycle follows its design, as does its carbureted sister S. It now has red shock absorbers that stand out on the model, especially when the fairings are in black, which continues as an option in addition to the traditional red color.

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How much does the cheap Shineray Phoenix motorcycle cost?

Shineray's 'cheap' motorcycle continues with its 50 OCH single-cylinder engine and 4-speed gearbox, also has pedal and electronic starts. Although it is a simple motorcycle, the Shineray Phoenix S EFI is full LED and has a digital panel. Another highlight is its alloy wheels, which, even in their mid-fifties, have disc brakes at the front. The rear wheel follows with the simple drum.

Shineray's cheap motorcycle promises to be 15% more economical than the carbureted version and has a suggested public price of R$ 8.290. The Chinese brand did not release power and torque data. However, as the carbureted Phoenix S delivers 5,6 horsepower at 8.500 RPM and at 0,6 kgfm at 6 thousand rpm and the engine of both is the same, with the difference in injection, the numbers should be similar.

Shineray's cheap motorcycle weighs just 93 kg

The promised consumption is 48 km/l. As the tank can hold up to 3,5 liters, the model's range is approximately 150 km. The transmission is mechanical, rotary, with clutch and four gears. In addition, the moped has conventional suspensions with front forks and rear shock, disc brakes at the front and drum at the rear with CBS combined system assistance, and light alloy wheels with 17-inch rims.

The dry weight of the 'cheap' Shineray Phoenix motorcycle is 93 kg and the load capacity is 150 kg. Reasonable numbers for a model measuring 1,95 m long and with a wheelbase of 1,30 m. The height of the bench in relation to the ground is 76 cm.

It is also worth mentioning that the injection design is similar to the carbureted one, however, more refined and with more elegant details. The digital instrument panel has a blue tone, and the model also has a central stand, storage compartments and full-LED lighting.

Shineray dominating the motorcycle market

In addition to this cheap Shineray Phoenix motorcycle, the brand also has other models for sale on the market. With a price below R$8, Shineray's latest economical motorcycle, added to the motorcycle universe, promises to rival traditional models, including the famous Pop 110i. This new cheap motorcycle from Shineray is the Worker 125, which hits the market with the aim of winning the consumer's heart with its competitive offering. 

Standing out for its distinctive design and promise of efficiency on urban streets, its 4-stroke, 2-valve single-cylinder engine, with 123,67 cc displacement, offers satisfactory performance for everyday use. With a 4-speed gearbox and multi-disc clutch, Shineray's new cheap motorcycle reaches a maximum power of 7,2 horsepower at 7.500 RPM and a maximum torque of 8 Nm at 6 RPM.

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