Home New Caoa Chery Arrizo 6 Pro Hybrid 2024, luxury sedan cheaper than Hb20, Virtus, Versa and City!

New Caoa Chery Arrizo 6 Pro Hybrid 2024, luxury sedan cheaper than Hb20, Virtus, Versa and City!

25 April 2024 01 gies: 33
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Arrizo 6 Pro Hybrid 2024
Photo: Arrizo 6 Pro Hybrid

Caoa Chery's 'cheap' luxury sedan arrives to win the hearts and pockets of the brand's enthusiasts. Check out all the details of the Arrizo 6 Pro Hybrid 2024.

Among the main releases in automotive market, there is a unique highlight! Caoa Chery presents the Caoa Cherry Arrizo 6 Pro Hybrid 2024 model, a car that comes with an interesting price and distinct features, which make it a very attractive option for the consumer. Throughout this article, we will see more details about the design of the new Caoa Chery Arrizo 6 Pro Hybrid 2024 sedan, its internal features, hybrid powertrain and much more about the vehicle that is the sensation of the moment!

New Caoa Chery Arrizo 6, the cheap luxury sedan

The exterior design of the Caoa Cherry Arrizo 6 is attractive and eye-catching. The sedan has a 3D front grille, with a glossy black color and silver chrome details, will impress anyone at first sight. In addition, the Caoa Chery sedan's optical set features full LED lighting with a black mask, projector and position light.

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With 17-inch wheels, the sedan presents itself as a luxurious car with a sporty aesthetic touch. On the side of the Caoa Cherry Arrizo 6, the rear view mirrors stand out for their turn signal repeater and side camera, in addition to the door handles with key sensor technology.

At the rear of the Caoa Chery sedan, the LED headlights with a black mask – just like the front ones – give an impressive highlight to the vehicle, cutting practically the entire cover towards the side of the sedan. With a capacity of 405 liters, the trunk has the ideal space for carrying the vehicle.

Interior design of the Caoa Cherry Arrizo 6

Inside the cheap Caoa Cherry Arrizo 6 sedan, the impeccable finish and design are notable, these being the strong and positive points of the car. At the top of the panel, we notice a rigid and resistant material, however, soft to the touch. The windows of the 4 doors are electric and it is possible to lock the doors more easily.

The set of seats has a sporty style, but without losing softness and comfort, with white stitching details, which give a special charm to the finish of each seat. The seats also have height, inclination and distance adjustment, providing the driver and passengers with a personalized and unique experience.

The steering wheel has a leather covering and a flat base, which conveys the feeling of a sports car. The main controls are within reach of the driver's hands, such as those for the autopilot and the multimedia center, making driving more practical and safe. The panel is 10.25 inches, where the driver has access to the speed, RPM, fuel level and temperature of the car, as well as other useful information for the driver.

Advanced features and technology applied in Caoa Cherry Arrizo 6 2024

The Caoa Cherry Arrizo 6's multimedia center has a 10-inch screen, with features such as Bluetooth connection, Apple CarPlay, radio stations and Android Auto. All sound and lighting settings or even changing the multimedia theme can be made directly on the central screen, by the driver.

The sedan has rear cross-traffic alert, airbags, electrochromic exterior mirrors and an LED lighting system. In addition, the vehicle also has a 360-degree camera to make parking easier and an induction cell phone charger, something that makes charging mobile devices easier.

Another interesting feature is the smart key, which allows the windows and sunroof to be opened with just one click. You can also use the remote start function by pressing the button on the key. There is a specific digital panel just to show air conditioning information, such as temperature and wind intensity.

Details about the hybrid engine

The cheap Caoa Cherry Arrizo 6 sedan combines a 1.5 Turbo engine with a 48 volt system, which makes the vehicle a hybrid. The alternator is replaced by a generator, responsible for storing energy in a separate, small battery. The stored energy is used to assist the combustion engine at low speeds, that is, it helps save fuel and reduces pollutant emissions.

Caoa Chery's hybrid sedan engine produces 160 hp and 25.5 kg of torque, CVT transmission with 9 speeds, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.1 seconds. When it comes to consumption, the hybrid sedan consumes an average of 8.9 km/l in the city (with ethanol) and 12.5 km/l in the city (gasoline). On the road, consumption on average is 9.9 km/l (ethanol) and 13.5 km/l (gasoline).


The Caoa Cherry Arrizo 6 Pro Hybrid sedan has several technologies that make the driver and passenger experience more pleasurable. In addition to being beautiful and powerful, it is also a cheap sedan! Currently, the vehicle is costing around R$ 139.990,00. Therefore, if you are thinking about a car that offers comfort, style and economy, it is worth considering the Caoa Cherry Arrizo 6 as a viable option!

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