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Oil and Gas company opens devastating selection process

Written by Paulo Nogueira
Published 26/09/2018 às 22:57


oil and gas Falcão Bauer job openings

The Falcão Bauer group announces 210 job openings in the oil and gas area throughout Brazil, both in the operational and administrative sectors

The Brazilian oil and gas sector is starting to turn the tables after 4 long years of economic recession and lack of investment. With Petrobras' production in the pre-salt producing profit, as announced by the company this September here, other companies feel the time is now. This is the case of Falcão Bauer, which announced a powerful selection process on several work fronts in a very unusual number.

You see, when we say “210”, we are referring to this amount. According to the company, the contractors will work in the oil and gas activities where it has contracts in Brazil, that is, professionals from anywhere will be able to apply, as long as they have the requested requirements and attributions. We will list some of them below, we urge you to apply only if you are within the proposals for each position, because despite there being 210 vacancies, it will not be by randomly sending resumes that the company will contact you.


  • Technical Assistants 90 vacancies ⇒ These professionals will work in the areas of industrial maintenance, construction support, material logistics and project management. Applicants must have completed technical education and driving license.
  • Engineers 30 vacancies ⇒ The engineers will work in the field of industrial maintenance, Environment, operational safety and project management. Applicants must have completed higher education.
  • Administrative Assistant 80 vacancies ⇒ Activities will consist of support for equipment management and inspection. Complete high school and knowledge of the SAP system is essential
  • Administrative Analyst 10 vacancies ⇒ Complete superior, knowledge of the SAP system, availability to work in São Paulo and Espírito Santo.

With the exception of the Administrative Analyst position, all other opportunities are for professionals from anywhere in Brazil. If you want to apply for these vacancies in the oil and gas area at Falcão Bauer, send your resume to the e-mail rhcontrata@falcaobauer.com.br, informing in the title of the e-mail the position for which you are applying. You must be wondering if the vacancies are real, so we make the source available below for you to check:

Paulo Nogueira

With a technical background, I worked in the offshore oil and gas market for a few years. Today, my team and I are dedicated to bringing information from the Brazilian energy sector and the world, always with credible and up-to-date sources.

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