Home Petrobras publishes the list of 45 platforms with maintenance shutdowns scheduled for 2018

Petrobras publishes the list of 45 platforms with maintenance shutdowns scheduled for 2018

31 January 2018 to 18: 52
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Petrobras 2018 schedule

The Campos and Santos basins will have a real explosion of opportunities in maintenance stoppages in Petrobras' schedule this year

A Petrobras finally releases the schedule of maintenance shutdowns of offshore units 2018, which, by the way, is the largest sequence of maintenance in recent times already disclosed in operations of this branch. After many bids, controversies involving the companies that won the lots and cost reductions, now the results are here.. Enough now! Any kind of speculation is over because now it's official. Below, see the platforms that will undergo interventions and the companies that will hire for these opportunities:

Platforms that will have Maintenance Stoppages

  • Platforms in the Santos Basin:⇒ P-66, Mexilhão, Merluza, Saquarema City, São Paulo City, Caraguatatuba City, Itaguaí City, Maricá City, Angra dos Reis City, Itaguaí City, Itajaí City, Santos City, Ilhabela City, Mangaratiba City and Paraty City .
  • Campos Basin Platforms:⇒ P-63, P-62, P-61, P-57, P-55, P-52, P-50, P-43, P-35, P-31, P-25, P-20, P- 18, Garoupa-1, Fluminense, Enchova, Pampo-1, Pampo-2, Namorado-1, Namorado-2, Vermelho 1-2-3, Carapeba 1 and 2, Cidade Capixaba, Cidade Anchieta and Cidade Niterói.
  • The platforms in the Ceará Basin with scheduled maintenance will be at TUNA 1 and 2. In the Sergipe Basin, only the Piranema platform.

It is a fact that the Campos Basin is losing its position as the largest Brazilian producer of oil and gas to the Santos Basin, but that does not mean that it will no longer be significant in the market, at least it will be productive for another 25 years. So much so that monstrous companies like Petrobras, ExxonMobil and Total are investing heavily in the revitalization of mature fields and in the study of the newly discovered pre-salt in the Campos Basin.

Companies that will hire

  • CSE won lot 1 for maintenance of platforms P-18, P-19, P-20, P-26, P-33, P-35, P-37, P-32 and P-47 for BRL 289.639.553,75, XNUMX.
  • Cobra got batch 2 of units P-09, P-12, PNA 1, PNA 2, PCH 1, PCH 2 and PPM 1 for BRL 233.999.989,74
  • A Enesa will maintain the platforms of lot 3, which are the PVM-1, PVM-2, PVM-3, PCP-1/3, PCP-2, PPG-1, PGP-1, P-61 and P-63 for BRL 212.469.205,60.

As you have noticed, we will have a lot of work in the coming months. Welders, painters, boilermakers, climbers and technicians will be the most sought after, as this is scheduled maintenance. So stay tuned on Click Oil and Gas, enter the site through an internet browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari or your mobile's native browser to enable notifications, you can easily download them from Playstore. This way we can let you know right away when related opportunities come out.

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