Home Multinational Vestas focuses on Brazil: company will expand wind turbine sector in Ceará and intends to increase its operations offshore

Multinational Vestas focuses on Brazil: company will expand wind turbine sector in Ceará and intends to increase its operations offshore

31 October 2023 to 22: 08
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Vestas' giant wind turbine – image: Vestas/Disclosure

The new expansion of the factory aims to expand Vestas' presence on Brazilian soil and increasingly boost the development of wind energy

Vestas, one of the largest global manufacturers of wind turbines, is reaching new heights as it considers an expansion of its factory in Ceará, Brazil. This strategic move is a response to the growing demand for renewable energy and the potential of green hydrogen in the region. The company already stands out as a leader in the wind energy sector, but is prepared to go further.

Vestas is recognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of wind turbines. Its commitment to innovation has established it as a leader in the wind energy sector. Brazil, with its vast wind potential, has become a strategic market for Vestas, which already has its factory located in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará.

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This region was chosen due to its potential for the production of wind turbines and the growing demand for renewable energy. O green hydrogen It is a growing source of energy in the region, with imminent production in the Pecém Complex. Vestas, aware of this promising scenario, is considering expanding its factory in Ceará to meet the growing demand for wind turbines associated with this promising energy source.

Investing in efficiency and production capacity

The expansion of the factory in Ceará will not necessarily involve the construction of a new unit. Vestas is exploring ways to improve the efficiency and production capacity of its existing facility. The company's vice president for institutional and governmental affairs in Latin America, Leonardo Euler de Morais, explained that they are studying the possibility of additional investments in the factory. 

The final decision has not yet been made, but the company believes in the growth potential of wind energy in Ceará. A Vestas is committed to adapting to market changes and adjusting its production capacity according to needs.

Offshore winds: a future to be explored

In addition to expanding in the onshore market, Vestas also has ambitious plans for the offshore market, which involves the installation of wind turbines offshore. However, the company is aware of the complexities involved in offshore projects, which have longer development times due to their intricate nature, including legal issues and auction procedures. Therefore, Vestas predicts that offshore projects will be widely implemented in the next decade.

Port infrastructure plays a crucial role in the offshore wind turbines market. O Port of Pecem, in Ceará, has been actively working to attract investments from wind turbine manufacturers and value chain suppliers. Vestas recognizes the State's effort to promote the energy transition and supports public policies that place renewable energy at the center of their agendas.

Challenges and opportunities, competition rules and local production

While Brazil has enormous potential to produce wind turbines, there are challenges to be overcome. Currently, tax rules and incentives favor the import of wind turbines to the detriment of local production. Leonardo Euler de Morais highlighted the importance of reviewing competition rules in the Brazilian energy market. Vestas seeks equal conditions for local production, aiming for fair competition with imported wind turbines.

In summary, Vestas is committed to boosting the wind energy industry in Ceará and Brazil as a whole. Its planned expansion and plans for the offshore market promise to contribute significantly to the energy transition and job creation in the region. Furthermore, the company is ready to face challenges and seek opportunities to further strengthen the wind energy sector in the country.

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