Home Supergasbras: one of the leading companies in LPG distribution, recently announced new job vacancies; Opportunities for lecturer, driver, load helper and more

Supergasbras: one of the leading companies in LPG distribution, recently announced new job vacancies; Opportunities for lecturer, driver, load helper and more

23 April 2024 20 gies: 47
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Supergasbras: one of the leading companies in LPG distribution, recently announced new job vacancies; Opportunities for lecturer, driver, load helper and more
Photo: Disclosure/Supergasbras

Vacancies announced in March and April: Exploring job opportunities at Supergasbras, a company committed to innovation and professional development

Supergasbras, part of the SHV Energy Group and one of the main distributors of LP gas in Brazil, is offering several job opportunities for professionals who wish to join a dynamic and innovative team. With one significant presence in the market Brazilian for 77 years, Supergasbras stands out for its modern bottling park and its 20 industrial units spread across the country, representing an ideal environment for professional growth.

The company is recruiting for various positions, from operational to administrative, all essential for supporting and expanding its operations throughout the country. Supergasbras is known for its commitment to quality, safety and sustainability, providing a stimulating workplace for its more than 4 thousand employees.

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Working at Supergasbras is synonymous with being part of a company that values ​​people and their contribution to collective success. The company offers a work environment that promotes human and professional development, with opportunities for continuous training and career advancement. In addition, Supergasbras provides a competitive benefits package, including occupational health and safety, as well as well-being programs that reinforce its commitment to the well-being of its employees.

Job vacancies at Supergasbras

  • Lecturer – Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro (Announced 3 weeks ago)
  • Driver – Temporary – São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo (Advertised 1 hour ago)
  • Driver – São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo (Announced 3 weeks ago)
  • ASSIST PRODUCTION – Serra, Espírito Santo (Announced 1 week ago)
  • Driver – Barueri, São Paulo (Announced 2 weeks ago)
  • ASSIST PRODUCTION (Exclusive for Women) – Serra, Espírito Santo (Announced 1 week ago)
  • Loading and Unloading Assistant – Ipojuca, Pernambuco (Advertised 1 week ago)
  • Driver with MOPP – Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso (Announced 6 days ago)
  • Warehouse-Temporary – Araucária, Paraná (Announced 4 days ago)
  • Production Supervisor Caxias – Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro (Announced 2 weeks ago)

Explore more opportunities from the link provided below.

How to Apply

To apply for a position at Supergasbras, interested parties must access THIS LINK. There, you can search for open positions, read more about each position and the necessary requirements. Candidates can apply directly through the website, submitting their CV and other relevant information. It is recommended that candidates update their resumes and cover letters to reflect their skills and experience that are most relevant to the desired position.

Employee salaries

Based on Glassdoor, salaries at Supergasbras are competitive and vary depending on the candidate's position and experience. For example, operational positions such as Driver and Loading and Unloading Assistant offer remuneration that can vary from R$1 to R$4, depending on the specifics of the role and location. Technical and administrative level positions, such as Analyst and Coordinator, can reach higher salary ranges, reflecting the responsibilities and qualifications required for these positions.

About Supergasbras

Supergasbras not only stands out as one of the main gas distributors in Brazil, but is also recognized for its commitment to innovation and sustainability. The company is part of the SHV Energy Group, a world leader in LPG distribution, operating with the aim of providing clean and affordable energy to millions of people. With a strong national presence, Supergasbras reaches communities throughout Brazil, including in remote areas, ensuring that quality energy is available where other forms may not reach.

The announcement of job vacancies at Supergasbras is excellent news for professionals looking for opportunities in a company that is synonymous with quality and responsibility in the energy sector. With several open positions, Supergasbras seeks to attract talent that can contribute to its mission of bringing sustainable energy to every corner of the country. It is an unmissable chance for anyone who wants to develop a solid career in a company that invests in the growth and training of its employees.

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