Home URGENT! Big explosion at Usiminas with potential victims

URGENT! Big explosion at Usiminas with potential victims

10 from 2018 to 14 at 24: XNUMX
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usiminas explosion

Gasometer at the Usiminas Ipatinga unit in Minas Gerais has just exploded, a state of emergency has been declared in the city

It has just been reported in the main communication vehicles in Brazil and some followers who follow the agent started to tell us about a huge explosion at the Usiminas gas unit. Videos on the internet from various angles show the exact moment of the accident that happened at the plant where metals are melted to convert them into other raw materials. See some of them below!!!

It was not officially announced in the press, but some of our readers are telling us on whatsapp and in the inbox of our page that there could be fatalities, what has been confirmed so far is that many were taken to hospitals in the region. We will update this post as we get more updates.


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