Home Job vacancies in Macaé for boilermaker, welder, assembler and plasterer

Job vacancies in Macaé for boilermaker, welder, assembler and plasterer

5 February 2018 to 11: 32
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These are temporary opportunities for a 3-month contract. Job vacancies are not offshore and do not require many qualifications

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Job openings in the city of Macaé, municipality in the interior of Rio de Janeiro and also known as the National Capital of Petroleum worldwide, just appeared earlier this week. Who is responsible for hiring is Phoenix RH, a business consulting company that has been growing little by little with a few small contracts, but in a stable way.

Everything indicates that this week there will be a big movement in the Brazilian oil and gas market, mainly in the cities of Macaé, São João da Barra and Maricá, due to the events a few days ago, which finally oil exploration contracts in Brazil were signed by 14 oil companies and disclosure of the maintenance shutdown schedule that will take place in 2018. Everything is playing in the segment's favor now.

After informing you of what is happening above, let's see the vacancies published by Phoenix RH: The available occupations are for Boilers, Welders, Assemblers and Plasterers. Everyone must have proven experience in a work portfolio, technical training or professional training in the function. Interested send your resumes with SALARY PRETENSION to 2 different emails: and Important to inform the function in the subject of the message.

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