Home Former Tesla manager calls Elon Musk 'pigeon CEO'

Former Tesla manager calls Elon Musk 'pigeon CEO'

24 April 2024 11 gies: 09
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tesla- elon musk- ceo
photo/reproduction: Curtonews

The multifaceted pioneer and his challenges!

Elon Musk, the visionary behind companies like Tesla and SpaceX, is a figure that arouses admiration and controversy. With a bold approach and ambitious goals, Musk stands out on the global business scene. However, his divided attention between multiple companies and projects raises questions about his effectiveness as CEO, according to electrek.

Image: Electrek Fred Lambert | April 22, 2024

The “Pigeon” CEO: A revealing metaphor about Elon Musk?

A former Tesla manager described Musk as a "Pigeon CEO”: someone who “comes, makes a mess and leaves”. This intriguing metaphor reflects the realization that Musk, while brilliant, can be unpredictable and challenging for his team. He is known for visiting production sites and making last-minute changes, like asking for a newly built section of Gigafactory Texas to be completely redone with no apparent explanation.

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Juggling responsibilities

Musk is not a conventional CEO. In addition to leading Tesla and SpaceX, he is also in charge of three other companies: xAI, Neuralink and The Boring Company. This diversity of responsibilities raises concerns about their ability to dedicate themselves fully to Tesla, especially considering your fiduciary duty to shareholders . After all, how can a single individual manage so many projects simultaneously?

Elon Musk challenges competitors with his new battery capable of redefining the future of electric cars
Photo: Elon Musk/Reproduction

The future of Musk and Tesla

Recently, Musk postponed a trip to India to focus on “very heavy obligations” related to Tesla . This change in stance suggests that he is recognizing the need to prioritize his company automaker. Tesla shareholders are also keeping an eye as they vote on whether to reinstate the company's compensation package. $55 billion from Musk . The result of this vote will be an important indication of the trust placed in the CEO.

Therefore, Elon Musk is a multifaceted CEO, capable of achieving the impossible, but also the target of criticism for his peculiar approach. Tesla's future and balancing its various responsibilities remain central questions. After all, the “CEO pigeon” will continue to fly high Or will you find your definitive landing?

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