Home CNG gains ground with increase in the price of gasoline and ethanol in Minas

CNG gains ground with increase in the price of gasoline and ethanol in Minas

24/04/2024 às 10:42
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With adjustment of gasoline and ethanol
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With recent readjustments, Vehicle Natural Gas presents itself as a growing economic alternative.

In Minas Gerais, the rise in prices for traditional fuels such as gasoline and ethanol is putting pressure on drivers' budgets and driving interest in Vehicle Natural Gas (NGV). According to the newspaper O Tempo, ethanol increased by 7% in the first fifteen days of April, while gasoline rose by 3,7%. Diesel remained stable, but not as competitive as CNG in terms of cost-benefit.

The economic advantage of CNG

CNG is proving to be an economically viable option in several cities in Minas, such as Mariana and Belo Horizonte. In Mariana, the price of CNG is around R$4,24 per cubic meter, providing savings of up to 42% compared to gasoline and 40% compared to ethanol. In Belo Horizonte, the economy is 29% and 25%, respectively. These data, coming from the Gasmig simulator, highlight the GNV as a smart choice for those looking to reduce fuel costs.

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Professionals who travel long distances monthly, such as taxi drivers and app drivers, can save up to R$917,00 per month by opting for CNG. Additionally, in January, Gasmig announced a 1,06% reduction in the price of CNG, accumulating a drop of 5,17% over the last 12 months, reinforcing its position as one of the most stable and affordable fuels on the market.

Expansion of the CNG network in Minas

Gasmig has ambitious plans to expand CNG infrastructure in the state, with a planned investment of approximately R$3 million. The objective is to guarantee the availability of CNG stations every 400 km on the main intercity and interstate highways, facilitating access to the fuel and encouraging its adoption.

This expansion has already resulted in the creation of CNG corridors that connect Minas Gerais to neighboring states and even Bahia, including strategic routes such as BH-Rio via BR-040, Fernão Dias via BR-381, Vitória via BR-381/262, and Rio-Bahia via BR-116/381. Currently, Gasmig's network covers 63 stations in 23 municipalities, covering a wide geographic region and strengthening the role of GNV as a sustainable and economical alternative.

In summary, the GNV Not only does it offer immediate financial benefits to users, but it also contributes to reducing dependence on more expensive and less eco-friendly fuels. With Gasmig's continued support and the state's strategic planning, CNG is set to become an even more central solution for Minas Gerais drivers and a model for other Brazilian states.


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