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Natural gas is featured in the A-6 energy auction with 26 registered thermoelectric projects

Written by Renato Oliveira
Published 11/10/2019 às 11:41


natural gas
natural gas and the A-6 auction

Natural gas thermoelectric projects occupy the third position in the ranking of energy sources, but account for almost 30% of the generation capacity.

Just like the success of the ANP auction that took place yesterday, in Rio de Janeiro the Ministry of Mines and Energy expects the same thing from the A-6 energy auction, with a deadline for the start of generation in 2025, scheduled for Friday of next week (18/10). Petrobras and Equinor sign investments focused on natural gas thermoelectric generation projects.
The auction will take place next Friday (18/10) and will have 1.541 registered projects, see below the ranking by energy source and installed capacity.

The 1541 qualified projects add up to an installed capacity of 71.385 megawatts (MW), which is equivalent to 42,5% of the installed capacity of the entire current Brazilian generating complex.
The dispute for power generation has the leadership of the wind source followed by voltaic and natural gas thermoelectric plants, see the numbers:

By types of projects

1st place: Wind generation – 760 projects
2nd place: Photovoltaic solar generation – 685 projects
3rd place: Hydroelectric generation – 48 projects
4th place: Natural gas thermoelectric generation – 26 projects
5th place: Biomass thermoelectric generation – 20 projects
6th place: Coal-fired thermoelectric generation – 2 projects

By installed capacity

1st place: Photovoltaic solar generation – 24.753 MW
2nd place: Wind generation – 22.550,6 MW
3rd place: Natural gas thermoelectric generation – 21.580 MW
4th place: Coal-fired thermoelectric generation – 940 MW
5th place: Biomass thermoelectric generation – 829 MW
6th place: Hydroelectric generation – 732 MW

By location (main)

1st place: Bahia – 16.750 MW
2nd place: Rio Grande do Norte – 10.161 MW
3rd place: Piauí – 7.961 MW
4th place: Ceará – 6.325 MW

According to data from EPE (Energy research company), the total number of projects registered was 1.831 (a total of 100.968 MW) and the MME qualified a total of 84,2% of them, that is, 70,9% of the registered capacity.

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Renato Oliveira

Production Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Manufacturing and assembly of pipelines with 30 years of experience in inspection/manufacturing/assembly of pipelines/tests/Planning and PCP and commissioning in shipbuilding/offshore (conversion of FPSO's hulls and topsides modules) in the largest national shipyards and 2 years in a Japanese shipyard (Kawasaki) inspecting and accompanying fabrication and assembly techniques of structures/pipes/outfittings (advanced finishing) for hull from Drillships.

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