Home Portable bladeless wind turbine for urban spaces could revolutionize renewable energy generation in the world

Portable bladeless wind turbine for urban spaces could revolutionize renewable energy generation in the world

2 April 2024 06 gies: 16
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Portable wind turbine / Source: Halcium reproduction

Wind energy: Portable bladeless (or propeller) turbine is the most powerful and safest in history and suitable for urban environments, safe for children, pets, wildlife and birds

One of the startup american of Salt Lake Cityy, Halcium, has a project that could revolutionize the generation of renewable energy in the world for homes. The portable mini wind turbine without blades (or propellers), called PowerPod, was developed to operate in urban spaces. According to its creators, it is the most powerful and safest wind turbine in history, promising to be cheaper than solar panels.

The mini portable wind turbine without blades (or propellers) costs less than solar panels, with greater efficiency when used in areas with less than 300 days of sunshine per year, according to the creators.

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The 1 kW PowerPod has the potential to produce 3 times more energy than a conventional turbine. The extra power is due to an advanced blade system on the chainstay, which increases wind speed by 40%.

There is also the possibility of connecting the mini wind turbine to solar systems, adding a diversified source of energy that can be important on days with less sun.

The portable bladeless (or propeller) wind turbine can be installed on roofs, walls, on top of buildings, motor homes or any surface.

When developing a portable bladeless (or propeller) wind turbine, the startup wanted to create a device that would fit perfectly into the urban space, being able to be installed on roofs, walls, on top of buildings, in motor homes or any surface safe to generate electricity.

The air flow is collected on the outside of the sheath and is subsequently concentrated in a circular blade, which is completely contained within the equipment. Due to its shape, the outer shell can receive wind from any direction or air currents coming from different directions simultaneously, which is dangerous for the operation of traditional wind turbines.

The design of the device can increase wind speed, reducing the need for install PowerPod on high posts. This eliminates the need for expensive support structures and long cables.

The system can be used in public places and homes and can ultimately become an additional and rapid source of clean energy, reducing dependence on the commercial electrical grid.

As it has no external moving parts, the equipment is safe for children, pets and wild animals such as birds.

Advantages of portable wind generator

  • It can be installed on roofs, walls, roofs of buildings or even motor homes. Not just on large terrains.
  • It is not a danger for birds, people or other animals, as it has no sharp and external propellers.
  • It produces 3 times more energy than a conventional, large wind turbine.
  • Catches winds from any direction.
  • Easy to transport and install, without the need for trucks or long power cables.

A startup is seeking financial support for the project, which has enormous potential, although it is still in the testing phase.

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