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Temu, a Chinese e-commerce platform, arrives in Brazil to compete with Amazon, Shopee, Shein and others; see if the site is trustworthy

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 13/06/2024 às 12:40
TEMU, Rival of Shopee, Shein and Amazon, arrives in Brazil to usher in a new era of e-commerce!
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This June, Temu arrived in Brazil, positioning itself as a new rival to large e-commerce platforms such as Shein, Shopee, AliExpress and Amazon.

After approval in the federal government's Remessa Compliance program, Temu launched a bold campaign offering discounts of up to 90% and free shipping for Brazilian consumers.

In this matter of Click Oil and Gas, you check details about the company and even find out if it is trustworthy and how to get great discounts.

Discover the Temu platform

A Temu, founded in 2022 and headquartered in Boston, USA, is an e-commerce platform belonging to PDD Holdings, the same parent company as the Chinese giant Pinduoduo, meaning it is trustworthy.

The company offers a wide variety of products at affordable prices, including categories such as home and kitchen, beauty and health, apparel, footwear, toys, electronics, among others.

As most products are sent from China and delivered by the Post Office, purchases of up to US$50 are subject to a 17% ICMS tax.

Temu’s pricing structure

Present in 18 countries, Temu attracts consumers with its slogan “Buy like a billionaire”, standing out for its low prices.

The company acts as an intermediary between sellers and customers, charging a small fee per sale, allowing for competitive prices.

Low labor costs in China also contribute to low prices. However, the company faces criticism from US and UK authorities, who accuse Temu of selling products made with labor similar to slavery. In response, Temu claims to prohibit forced, criminal or child labor among its suppliers.

Temu shopping tips

To make the most of Temu's offers, it is important to check product descriptions, read comments from other buyers and seller ratings.

Services like Reclame Aqui can help identify possible problems. As Temu recently arrived in Brazil, the majority of comments are still from foreign customers, requiring greater attention from local consumers.

Discount coupons at Temu

Temu offers several discount coupons to attract new users, as well as flash promotions that reduce product prices for a limited time.

For example, the code “BRPROMO004” offers R$16 off on purchases over R$160. New users can win coupons by registering on the platform and spinning the promotional wheel.

Step by step to find and use coupons on the platform

  1. Access the Temu website via the link https://www.temu.com/br.
  2. Click on “Orders and Account” and log in or register with your email, Google, Apple or Facebook.
  3. After logging in, hover over “Orders and Account” and click on “Coupons and offers”.
  4. Copy the desired coupon code and paste it into the indicated field before completing the purchase.

Free shipping to all Brazil

To celebrate the start of operations in Brazil, Temu is offering free shipping nationwide. If the order is delayed, the company grants a credit of R$10 for future purchases on the platform.

These tips help you maximize Temu's offers, ensuring good purchases at competitive prices.

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