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Chinese industry invests R$50 MILLION in Brazil, in the expansion of a mega battery factory in Santa Catarina, and promises to generate hundreds of direct and indirect jobs in the region!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 12/06/2024 às 22:10
batteries”, “factory”, “santa catarina”, “energy”, “eikto”
photo/reproduction: eikto

Eikto expands factory in Santa Catarina to boost exports and generate jobs with the production of cells, modules and lithium-ion battery systems with cutting-edge technologies!

According to sulagora, aiEikto lithium battery industry, source Chinese, announced a significant investment of R $ million 50 to expand its factory in Laguna, in the south of Santa Catarina. This new contribution comes after an initial investment of R$20 million last year for the installation of the assembly line. The expansion aims not only to increase production for export, but also to generate around 100 new jobs direct and indirect in the region, as reported by Eikto's commercial director in Brazil, Mauricio Borba.

Investment and economic impact

The new investment of R$50 million is part of a broader business plan by the Chinese company Eikto, which totals R $ million 121. These resources will be directed to machinery, inputs, equipment, facilities, civil works, infrastructure, furniture, technology and working capital. “We are talking about an ambitious project that not only increases production capacity, but also boosts local economic development”, he highlighted. Melina Fechine, representative of Eikto in Brazil. Furthermore, this expansion promises to strengthen the local economy and create new employment opportunities, directly benefiting the Laguna community and surrounding areas.

batteries”, “factory”, “santa catarina”, “energy”, “eikto”
photo/reproduction: eikto

Advanced production and technology

Eikto is the largest manufacturer Chinese of lithium batteries and is present in 44 countries, supplying batteries to sectors such as nautical, telecommunications and industrial vehicles. The factory in Laguna will produce lithium-ion battery cells, modules and systems with cutting-edge technologies including welding machines, bending machines, laser cutting and battery testing. "We are bringing the best in global technology to Santa Catarina”, stated Fechine. The installation of the new assembly line will allow Eikto to reduce import costs and better serve Brazilian customers, such as forklift manufacturers and logistics companies.

Sustainability and carbon reduction

One of the great strengths of lithium-ion batteries is their contribution to sustainability. The batteries produced by the Chinese company Eikto help reduce carbon emissions, as they last up to ten years and are monitored directly from China. “It’s good for the environment and for consumers’ wallets”, observed Mauricio Borba. Furthermore, the presence of the factory in Santa Catarina facilitates the replacement of lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries in the Brazilian market, promoting a more ecological transition.

batteries”, “factory”, “santa catarina”, “energy”, “eikto”
photo/reproduction: extrasc

Service to the Brazilian market

The expansion of the Chinese factory in Laguna is strategic to serve the Brazilian market more efficiently. The products manufactured in Brazil will be destined mainly for the forklift segments, machine rental companies, logistics companies and solar energy. Eikto's representative in Brazil, Melina Fechine, explained that the company's local presence is facilitating the adoption of lithium batteries in electric forklifts, replacing traditional lead-acid batteries. “We are helping Brazilian companies become more competitive and sustainable“, concluded Close.

A Chinese giant called Eikto

With the expansion of the factory in Laguna, Eikto reaffirms its commitment to the Brazilian market and sustainability. The investment of R$50 million not only increases production capacity, but also strengthens the local economy and promotes the adoption of cleaner and more efficient technologies. The lithium-ion batteries produced in Santa Catarina will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and the modernization of several industrial sectors. “We are ready to drive innovation and sustainable growth in Brazil”, he concluded Mauricio Borba.

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